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Subchapter D - Maritime and Land Transportation Security

Security Regulations

Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Chapter XII, Subchapter D contains Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) rules covering maritime and land transportation security. Below is a brief description for each part of Subchapter D, along with a link to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) and a link to TSA’s regulatory history documents. Where applicable, parts that are “(Reserved)” are proposed additions or amendments to the CFR. These parts are not linked to the e-CFR until the amendments become final. However, TSA’s regulatory history sections for these parts are available for viewing.

Part 1570 General Rules
Applies to any person involved in land transportation as specified in this part and prohibits them from making any fraudulent or intentionally false statement. Read History

Part 1572 Credentialing and Security Threat Assessments
Prescribes regulations for credentialing and background checks in specified uses for maritime and land security, including persons holding or applying for a hazardous materials endorsement on their commercial driver’s license. Read History

Part 1580 Rail Transportation Security
Codifies TSA’s existing inspection program, and prescribes regulations for freight and passenger railroad carriers, rail transit systems, and certain rail hazardous materials facilities, including requirements to designate a rail security coordinator and report significant security concerns. Read History

Latest revision: 02 June 2014