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Pipeline Security

Pipeline Security Training Materials

Pipeline Security Training Materials

To increase security awareness across the pipeline industry, TSA has developed the following CD and DVD-based pipeline security training materials, as well as brochures, for the pipeline industry and infrastructure security partners.

Pipeline Security Awareness for the Pipeline Industry Employee

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Released in 2008, this training CD is intended for pipeline companies and their employees and is centered on heightening pipeline employees' awareness of suspicious activity, as well as stressing the importance of each employees’ role in keeping our nation's pipeline systems secure. The training is useful to all pipeline company employees and contractors – administrative, operations, and security personnel – who need a basic level of awareness and understanding of pipeline security.

Pipelines: Countering IEDs

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Made available in 2010, this DVD training program is meant to familiarize pipeline company employees and contractors with the threat posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  This DVD employs four modules which familiarize viewers with the threat posed by IEDs, how to spot potential IEDs, how to respond to suspicious objects, and how to work with responding agencies in the event an IED is discovered or detonated on company property. At the end of the DVD are interactive quizzes which can be used by pipeline companies to test employees’ and contractors’ knowledge of the material presented in each module.

Protecting Pipeline Infrastructure: The Law Enforcement Role

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This DVD, first distributed in 2011, is intended to enhance the law enforcement community’s understanding of pipeline systems and their security issues.  The DVD provides a basic understanding of how pipeline systems function, the principle products they transport, and includes a discussion of the threats and vulnerabilities to pipelines.  The primary audience for this DVD is local, state, and federal law enforcement, federal security partners, and others involved with infrastructure security. Viewers should come away with a better understanding of the typical measures taken to protect pipelines and actions they can take to assist pipeline operators during times of heightened security alert.

Pipeline Security Awareness for Employees Brochure

Pipeline security awareness brochure

To further enhance the information contained in the pipeline security awareness training CD, we produced the “Pipeline Security Awareness for Employees” brochure. This brochure will be sent as a PDF file and can be customized to meet company needs.


Good Neighbors! A Pipeline Security Neighborhood Watch Brochure

This brochure will assist with your company's neighborhood outreach efforts and promote the reporting of suspicious activity or incidents to you. This brochure will be sent as a PDF file and can be customized to meet company needs.

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