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How Secure Flight Affects You

As a valued stakeholder, we understand that the Secure Flight requirements affect you in several ways. The most significant impact is the passenger information required from passengers when making an airline reservation. As a liaison between airlines and passengers, you play an important part in the airline's reservation process. The following information identifies travel agent requirements:

  • Information Requirements: Under Secure Flight, passengers are required to provide their name (as it appears on their government-issued identification [ID]), date of birth, and gender when making an airline reservation. They will also be given the opportunity to provide other information such as a Redress Number.
  • Privacy Protections: To ensure customers of the security of their personal information, the Secure Flight Final Rule requires that airlines post a privacy notice on public website and self-serve kiosks before collecting any personally identifiable information from passengers or non-traveling individuals. As agents who book travel reservations on behalf of the airlines, the airlines require that you post this privacy notice as well.

Customer Privacy

Ensuring the privacy of your customers is a cornerstone of Secure Flight. TSA developed a comprehensive privacy plan to incorporate privacy laws and practices into all areas of Secure Flight. As a member of the travel industry, you are an important part of this plan. As a point of direct contact with passengers, it is crucial that you understand your role in this privacy plan as required by the airlines whose bookings you sell. To enhance passenger privacy, TSA encourages you to:

  • Understand what passenger information is required and what information is optional.
  • Provide thorough training to customer representatives on the proper procedure to use when making reservations and dealing with customers face-to-face.
  • Use the appropriate language when communicating with passengers.
  • Post privacy notices at points of customer contact as required from the airlines whose bookings you hold, and alert your customers of the steps you  take to protect their privacy.

By working together and with the airlines, we can ensure your customers have peace of mind knowing that we have taken the appropriate steps to protect their privacy.

Latest revision: 02 July 2014