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Texas Officer Saves the Life of Colleague

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 BDO Quenetta Olds and TSO James BlackmanIn Texas, an Officer’s instinct helped save the life of a fellow Officer.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Behavior Detection Officer Quenetta Olds noticed something wasn’t right when she ran into Transportation Security Officer James Blackman getting off the employee bus. Olds was headed to the airport when Blackman said he wasn’t feeling well and was going to drive himself to the hospital. She offered assistance and words of concern before getting on the bus.

As the bus pulled away, Olds couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling in her gut that something was wrong. When she turned to look back at Officer Blackman, she noticed that he was in distress and on the ground. Olds immediately asked the bus driver to stop the bus which he did after several seconds.

“I just knew something wasn’t right,” said Olds. “TSA training drives home the ‘trust your instinct’ approach to security – and this just shows how that applies in other situations too.”

Olds rushed to Blackman’s side and dialed 911. She located a defibrillator and was prepared to use it, if instructed to do so by the 911 operator. Olds then telephoned Blackman’s wife to inform her of the situation. Paramedics arrived shortly after Olds placed the emergency call and transported Blackman to the hospital. Olds relayed the hospital information to Blackman’s wife and assured her that he was getting the proper medical attention.

Blackman was treated at the hospital and able to return to work a few days later.

“Quenetta saved my life,” said Blackman. “If she had not stopped that bus and come to my aid, I believe I would have died.”

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