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Currency, Coins, Precious Metals, or Valuable Jewelry

Traveling with Special Items

If you are carrying valuable items such as large amounts of currency, coins or jewelry, we recommend that you ask Security Officers to screen you and your carry-on luggage in private. This will maintain your security and avoid public scrutiny.

We suggest that you ask to speak with a TSA screening supervisor before you are screened. Tell the supervisor discretely that you would be screened in a private location.

TSA operating procedures require a witness to be present during private screening. The witness may be another TSA Security Officer or someone that is traveling with you.

If cleared, you and your valuables will be allowed to enter the sterile side of the airport.

Private screening is also available to individuals randomly selected for screening at the airline gate.

We recommend that you carry these items with you at all times.

Currency Reporting: For international flights, you must report the transport of $10,000.00 USD or more to the U.S. Customs Service.

Latest revision: 24 January 2013