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Musical Instruments

Traveling with Special Items

You may bring musical instruments as carry-on or as checked baggage.  To help passengers who are traveling with instruments, we partnered with musical organizations around the country to understand the challenges of transporting musical instruments, and we recommend the following.

Check with your airline prior to your flight to ensure your instrument meets the size requirements for their aircraft.

Pack brass instruments in your checked baggage.

Bring string instruments, within carrier size limitations, as carry-on items.

Carrying Instruments Through Screening Checkpoints

Please check with your airline before you arrive at the airport. Read additional information from the Department of Transportation.

Security officers must X-ray or physically screen your instrument before it can be transported on an aircraft.

If security officers cannot clear the instrument through the security checkpoint as a carry-on item, you should transport the instrument as checked baggage instead.

Instruments as Checked Baggage

You may bring musical instruments as checked baggage as long as they fit within the size and weight limitations of the airline you are taking.


Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about screening policies and procedures, or need special assistance please call TSA Cares toll free at 1-855-787-2227. Travelers can also call and/or email the TSA Contact Center.

Latest revision: 26 February 2015