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Passengers Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

It is recommended that passengers who are blind or have low vision notify a security officer and inform him or her of the kind of assistance needed to complete the screening process. Passengers can use TSA’s Notification Card to communicate discreetly with security officers. However, showing this card or other medical documentation will not exempt a passenger from additional screening when necessary.

Passengers can be screened using imaging technology only if they do not have service animals.

If a passenger cannot or chooses not to be screened by imaging technology or a walk-through metal detector, the passenger will be screened using a thorough patdown procedure instead.

In addition to screening the passenger, canes and other devices like Braille notetakers must undergo X-ray screening, unless they cannot fit through the X-ray. If an item cannot fit through the X-ray, or the passenger cannot be separated from the item, it will be inspected by an officer. Passengers should tell the officer if they need to be immediately reunited with the device after it is screened by X-ray.


Please click on the links below for specific information about screening for passengers with disabilities or medical conditions:

Latest revision: 24 April 2014