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It is vital, for both your security and the security of your belongings, that you stay alert and protect yourself throughout your journey.

During this time, many persons and organizations come in contact with you and your belongings. Some of these could include:

  • Hotel employees

  • Taxi / bus / limousine drivers

  • Rental car employees

  • Curbside baggage handlers

  • TSA Security Officers

  • Airline ticketing agents

  • Airline baggage handlers

  • Other third-party baggage handlers

Security Best Practices:

  1. When possible, NEVER let your belongings out of your sight

  2. NEVER pack ANYTHING valuable or fragile in your checked baggage

  3. ALWAYS carry your own purse, wallet, passport, valuables, etc. - do not entrust them to anyone

  4. ALWAYS watch your belongings as they advance through the x-ray equipment at the security checkpoints - for secondary screening, INSIST that your belongings be brought to you if you cannot maintain visual contact of your property.

  5. BE AWARE of your surroundings, the people around you, and the nearest exits - BE PREPARED!

By following some simple, yet effective routines, you can ensure an incident-free travel experience.  Additionally, read your "contract of carriage" with your selected airline prior to your travels.

TSA Accepted & Recognized Locks
» Damaged Locks Alert

The vendors below have an arrangement with TSA to supply the traveling public with TSA 'accepted and recognized' locks. TSA screeners have tools for opening and re-locking baggage marked with either of these logos, thus avoiding damage to the lock or bag if a physical inspection is required.

Please feel free to contact either or both Travel Sentry or Safe Skies for more information on securing your checked baggage.

TSA does not in any way endorse either one of these companies and will gladly accept inquiries from other companies that wish to produce TSA 'accepted & recognized' locks. For more information, please email the TSA Contact Center.

Latest revision: 01 August 2013