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Scuba Equipment

Scuba Equipment

With the start of the summer travel season, airports across the country experience an uptick in scuba diving gear and equipment at TSA security checkpoints. Experienced divers may forego renting equipment at their destinations and choose to travel with all their gear, including masks, fins, regulators, wetsuits, dive computers, and buoyancy compensators. Due to weight issues, scuba divers rarely travel with tanks or weights.

Scuba diver enthusiasts are permitted to bring select scuba gear in carry-on or checked baggage, including regulators, buoyancy compensators, masks, snorkels, and fins. Passengers who choose to bring regulators and buoyancy compensators through the screening checkpoint are encouraged to submit these items separately from other accessible property to expedite the screening process.

Knives, spear guns, and tools are prohibited from carry-on luggage and cannot be processed through TSA security checkpoints. Please pack these items in checked luggage. Sheath or securely wrap any sharp objects you pack in your checked luggage to prevent injury to baggage handlers and security officers.

Latest revision: 24 January 2013