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TSA’s Use of QR Codes®

Quick Response (QR) Codes® are two-dimensional codes that are scanned with a smartphone, connecting individuals to additional online content or information. This emerging technology has become widely used in print and online forums around the world. With its ease of use and versatility, many of today’s smartphones come enabled with barcode readers.

TSA is piloting the use of this barcode technology on airport checkpoint signs to give passengers access to additional information about screening procedures. Passengers will be able to access the information by using their smartphone to scan barcodes found on TSA signs at select airport checkpoints.

To use barcode technology, ensure you have a barcode reader enabled or downloaded on your smartphone. Follow the instructions on your phone to scan the code on any of TSA’s checkpoints signs featuring a barcode like the one below.

QR code sign samples


If you have just downloaded a barcode reader, conduct a quick test using the code here. You should be automatically directed to the TSA website homepage at

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Latest revision: 29 November 2012