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Likelihood of receiving TSA Pre✓®

TSA Pre✓® helps strengthen security by identifying low-risk individuals through pre-screening. This allows TSA to focus resources on travelers about whom we know less, while providing the most effective security in the most efficient way. The graphic below outlines the likelihood of travelers to access the TSA Pre✓® lane depending on how they participate in the program.

Scale showing passenger's likelihood of getting TSA Precheck

Passengers with a Known Traveler Number
Passengers who have been issued a Known Traveler Number (KTN) by TSA or CBP have generally undergone a vetting process or background check as part of their employment or via a DHS Trusted Traveler program.  Since TSA knows more about these passengers they are more likely to be eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening more often than passengers the agency knows less about.

Interested in joining a DHS Trusted Traveler program? Learn more.

Eligible Airline Frequent Flyers
TSA and the majority of the TSA Pre✓®participating airlines have invited certain frequent flyers to “opt-in” to participate in TSA Pre✓® These passengers can expect to receive TSA Pre✓® screening more often than passengers who have not been invited to participate, but less often than those who have been assigned a KTN.

TSA Initiatives
TSA has implemented several initiatives to allow more passengers to experience TSA Pre✓®.

  • Managed Inclusion combines the use of multiple layers of security to indirectly conduct a real-time assessment of passengers at select airports. This initiative will operate at designated checkpoints at different times, depending on passenger volume and other variables.

  • Risk Assessments are conducted using TSA’s Secure Flight system to identify travelers who may be eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening using information already collected and provided to TSA by the airlines. This program is used on a flight-by-flight basis and does not require passengers to enroll in a DHS Trusted Traveler program. If a passenger is eligible for TSA Pre✓® for a particular flight, a TSA Pre✓® indicator will be embedded in the barcode of the boarding pass so that when scanned at the checkpoint, the passenger may be referred to a TSA Pre✓® lane.

Passengers who are deemed eligible for TSA Pre✓® via one of these two TSA initiatives will receive TSA Pre✓® screening on a flight-by-flight basis and should not expect it each time they fly.

Latest revision: 20 November 2014