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Ray Stevens is the Administrative Officer at New York’s Albany International Airport Ray Stevens is the Administrative Officer at New York’s Albany International Airport where he coordinates the mission support needs of four airports in upstate New York. 
Prior to joining TSA, Stevens worked in the banking industry. However, like for so many employees at TSA, the events of 9/11 had a profound impact on Stevens.
“After 9/11 everything changed for me personally,” he said.

After being put on a waiting list to volunteer at Ground Zero, Stevens eventually joined FEMA in February 2002 as part of the FEMA Disaster Comptroller’s cadre.  Soon after, he joined the Office of Financial Management, assigned to support financial and payroll processing at New England airports.

“What I do matters because the work I do with my administrative and support staff colleagues ensures that the personnel, payroll, and operational needs of all employees are met, ensuring employees can focus 100% on the TSA mission.

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help employees succeed and partnering with others in my hometown and communities across the nation to make a difference. Throughout my career with TSA, I have enjoyed being a mentor for others and playing a role in helping them to advance their federal careers. Another rewarding part of my job is championing our airport’s recycling efforts when it comes to excess TSA assets like computers, accessories, clothing, etc.  Our TSA uniform recycling program to veterans has been a huge success nationwide; and I’ve had the opportunity to assist dozens of TSA airports in their hometowns.  Supporting our American heroes is a personal reward for me.

The most challenging part of my work is encouraging employees to share their experiences, voice their opinions, and take advantage of the opportunities at TSA. Our agency is made up of diverse and talented individuals with experiences and knowledge from a wide range of careers and educational disciplines.  Identifying and then harnessing this talent to benefit both agency goals and employee personal and career growth is probably the most challenging and rewarding part of my work at TSA.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

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