Detroit TSA officer finds loaded gun in wheelchair during pat-down

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Officer Davidson photo

It has been said that TSA frontline employees should expect the unexpected. That was the case when Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport TSA officer Adam Davidson made a great catch, finding a gun that was loaded.

It’s one thing to find a firearm on a passenger. That’s actually happening more frequently than ever at airport security checkpoints across the country. But discovering a loaded gun in a wheelchair? That’s not something that happens every day.  

The passenger, unable to stand, was led through a special gate for people with disabilities. While patting down the passenger’s legs, Davidson felt something attached to the wheelchair. There was a black bag hanging from the wheelchair with a loaded firearm inside. Davidson remained calm, remembered his training, and notified the supervisor on duty. 

While waiting on law enforcement, Davidson continued to engage the passenger respectfully in conversation, which helped keep him at ease.

Once law enforcement confiscated the firearm, the traveler was cited and released. Davidson completed the pat-down, cleared the wheelchair and the passenger was allowed to proceed on with his flight. 

“I am truly pleased and proud to work alongside such wonderful TSA employees,” said Federal Security Director Steve Lorincz. “We are so fortunate to have Officer Davidson working on the frontline amongst our officers.

“His attention to detail and continued focus on threat detection makes him an extremely valued member and officer of our team here in Detroit. Davidson exemplifies the values of a great officer and is always willing to assist his team and individually when it is needed.”

From TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs