Kudos Across America – Birmingham, Alabama

Monday, December 20, 2021
TDC station photo

Today was by far the best experience I have had going through the screening. Usually, with the number of people passing through, we are often herded from one point to the other. However, for me, today [at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport] was different due to my interaction with one TSA employee, [TSA Officer] John Treme.

Officer Treme photo
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport TSA Officer John Treme (Photo by Benjamin Harris)

Not only was I greeted with a smile, or what appeared to be one under his face mask, John asked me to stop at the booth and asked for my ID. He then goes on to make small talk as the line ahead of me was backed up. He then offered to the person ahead of me and to me a suggestion as to how we can fit our things into one tub.

Instead of just saying to leave my laptop in my bag, he takes a moment to tell me about the new machine that allows us to leave our laptops in the bags. “How cool is that?” he says. I smiled and agreed.

I also noticed he did not just sit to verify IDs. When the line backed up, he walked around to see if there was anything he could do to help move things along.

I took the time to write this review of [TSA Officer] John Treme because sometimes good service and pleasantries are hard to come by. Through my brief interaction, I can tell he is an awesome employee who loves people.

Lenesha Moyegun

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications of Public Affairs