Kudos Across America – Detroit

Friday, July 15, 2022
Photo of DTW

To whom it may concern,

Officer Key photo
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport TSA Officer Isaiah Key (Photo by Robert Ainsworth)

I wish to compliment the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) TSA staff after an interaction I had with them in May 2022.

My wife and I were returning from Amsterdam, arriving at DTW at around 5:45 p.m. We were to catch another flight to Charlotte, NC, and were passing through the security station when I was asked to step aside due to the sensor detecting something on my body. A young TSA employee, an Officer Isaiah Key, told me that he would need to [conduct a pat-down] to try to find what was triggering the sensor.

Eventually, the issue turned out to be a very small, metal clasp that was holding a compression wrap around my foot. I had suffered a bad sprain and applied the wrap, and then fastened my foot into a foot brace. This process took several minutes, yet Officer Key was most gracious and professional throughout the process.

Further, I must admit that I was not enthusiastic about having to deal with this. We had been traveling since about midnight Detroit time, and I had been dragging luggage through three airports all on a sore foot. So, I was a bit cranky. I also had some trouble understanding what I was being told due to the COVID mask that Officer Key was wearing. But again, the young Officer Key never became irritated or forceful. He was persistent, yet most professional.

I am most impressed with the Detroit TSA staff! Not only were they kind and respectful, but they were alert, persistent, and again, professional. They did their job and did it very well. I wish to thank them for their role in keeping us safe! They, and Officer Key in particular, are a tribute to the TSA!

Thank you,

Frank Workman