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What people are saying about TSA

Friday, November 29, 2019
What People are saying

In Nome, Alaska, a passenger wrote that TSA “has an amazing crew. Thanks, folks, for what you do! You are always friendly and helpful.”

A passenger traveling in Salt Lake City wrote that “I have never experienced such tact and professional kindness, in a situation that clearly could have been awful; when he pulled them out of my bag, I fully assumed that I would be arrested or interrogated. He was compassionate and I appreciated his help more than you can imagine!”

In Austin, Texas a passenger shared a compliment about a TSA officer. “I was very scared and nervous to get home because I lost my ID. The TSA Officer was very friendly, and VERY helpful. Shout out to him, and because of him I got to come home on time! I’ve flown many, many times and really wanted to recognize him because I’ve never had a friendlier and more helpful TSA Officer.”

“I am writing just to say I had a very positive experience while traveling through MSP,” wrote a passenger at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. “So I just wanted to say, all the TSA folks I worked with at MSP were absolutely pleasant, professional, and respectful! I fly weekly for my work, and come to think of it, I always have pleasant experiences at MSP.”