What People Are Saying (About TSA) June 2022

Thursday, July 14, 2022
Officer Mercado photo

New York - John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Officer Mjafturie Daci
Westchester County Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Mjafturie Daci (Photo by Joy McAllister)
Officer Holmes photo
LaGuardia Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Calvin Holmes (Photo by Robert Gjona)

A passenger moving through JFK recently said, “I hope you have a way to recognize this kind of [TSA] officer who made the

difficulties of traveling as pleasant as possible. My high level of anxiety about getting home as planned completely dissipated after meeting and working with this officer.”

New York - LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

LGA passengers were pleased with the care they received from TSA officers and said “we appreciated this officer’s prompt, efficient and courteous assistance which allowed us to make our departing flight without increased stress or anxiety: excellent person, excellent professional. Please recognize him in some formal capacity, as he is setting a great example for others at TSA.”

New York – Westchester County Airport (HPN)

The family of a special needs child recognized the Passenger Support Specialist training TSA officers receive and commended a HPN supervisor saying, “Due to your teaching and dedication to people with disabilities and your staff, our experience was fabulous! You have wonderful employees who are a pleasure to deal with. Educated and compassionate people, made our trip a total success for our son, as well as the rest of the family!”

Officer Gomez photo
Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport Lead TSA Officer Daniel Gomez (Photo courtesy of TSA GUC)
Denver International Airport TSA Officer Diane Tweedy (Photo by Kasina Peterson

Colorado – Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport

In Colorado, a passenger gained an appreciation for the thorough questioning a TSA  officer, saying, “I would like to commend this TSA officer for his professionalism and courtesy. In my opinion, he was correct to identify the situation as one that merited an additional question or two to protect the child, and he carried this out in a way that was direct, effective, and non-threatening.

The simple and friendly question to my son indicated a commitment to protecting children like my own from abduction, and I

appreciate his work.”

Colorado – Denver International Airport

A Denver passenger was frustrated about receiving what she describes as frequent random screening with the exception of this time. “Despite this situation, I was very glad to have had such a professional agent [officer],” said the passenger.

“She did the full extra body pat down and did it in a very respectful way. She was friendly, explained all that she'd be doing even though by now I could recite the spiel myself, and made what is typically a somewhat humiliating experience better.”

Officer Rinald photo
Corpus Christi International Airport TSA Officer Diana Rinald (left)

Summarizing she said, “I'm very grateful for her and her professional manner.”

Texas - Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP)

When a CRP passenger brought his pet cat through screening, the cat clearly had other ideas. He commented after the ordeal that by saying, “The officers were kind, patient, funny, personable, and made what was a living nightmare so very manageable. Thank you Gina and Diana at CRP airport. What wonderful humans and exemplary agents [officers].”

By Wayne Carey, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs