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Got Feedback?: Bradley (Commenting Disabled)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Due to the new Got Feedback? program, we have disabled commenting on this page. This page was part of a pilot program that has evolved and this page is no longer needed. You are still welcome to leave general feedback on our blog, or you can visit our Got Feedback? page and leave specific feedback with a Customer Service Manager from any one of our 450+ airports.


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Submitted by Anonymous on

Inspection Damage

My checked-in luggage was inspected on May 18 at Bradley International. I had a wooden case of artist's pastel chalks packed in the bag. After inspecting the chalks, the inspector did not latch the case securely and, upon unpacking, I found chalk all over. Pigment had made its way onto my clothing, the inside of the suitcase, packed books, etc. After much cleaning, most of the damage has been eliminated, but there are still some pieces that are unwearable and, of course, many pieces of chalk are broken and in disarray. Is there any recourse for me?

Submitted by Anonymous on

I've been a frequent user of Bradley Airport. Recently, I had a somewhat discouraging experience in getting through the checkpoints - in fact, it wasn't even going through security had to do with the "maze" of those black straps that helps control a big crowd.....this is the part that leads up to the desk where the woman checks the boarding pass and ID. I had missed one of the straps way back at the beginning and walked to the front to present my documents when the lady proceeded to yell that I had committed a major security violation........she wanted me to walk back through the maze and then all the way back up.......mind you, there were no people in line as it was an early afternoon flight..........I questioned why I had to do this as I was not yet past security anyway, and she ignored me and motioned for a state policeman........he said, "I understand it's a silly request, but just do it so they'll let you on the plane"........okay, so I walked back thru the maze and then back this time, there was one guy in the whole line and he was bent over zipping his bag and shuffling documents, so I walked past him..........the same lady then screamed "you can't cut the line sir!" even though the guy wasn't ready AND there were two check in "desks"...she then called the trooper over again...he said, "just obey there orders if you want to get on the plane".......I asked the woman for her manager, but she said he was in California...please let me know your thoughts on this and who I can contact to complain......the same two older ladies still work at these booths...very, very discouraging and confusing experience. Thanks

Submitted by Anonymous on

Regarding the previous comments about the cranky old ladies at the ticket check stands...

As a frequent BDL flyer, I too have seen that old lady scream at anyone who cut in line. But those two old ladies didn't work for the TSA. In fact, both were let go in March of 2008 when the TSA took over the ticket checking duties. Now I am greeted with a friendly "Hi how are you?" BDL is a pleasure to fly through in comparison to any of the bigger airports. There are even some TSA officers there who smile and joke with you. Often recognizing some of us regular flyers. So I think that previous poster must have not flown recently.

Submitted by Anonymous on

The Screeners who check Tickets after going through the metal detectore at White Plaines Airport, NY (HPN) are rude and unprofessional. Re- train them or just watch their behavior. The Public deserves better!

Submitted by Anonymous on

White Plains NY comments (above) shouldn't be on the Bradley-Connecticut (BDL) page.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I recently traveled through BDL again and was very pleased with the courtesy and concern exhibited by one of the inspectors there. This is my second time posting a comment, the first being on May 19. I have received no suggestions regarding that message, so will try to contact someone by phone or mail. Hope that leads to some satisfaction.

Submitted by Anonymous on

your banner motto (?), "Terrorists Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play A Part.", sounds way too nazi germany circa 1940's.
you really don't want to enlist people to spy on others; they are not qualified to make decisions on the lowest level of suspicion.
that motto encourages them to do just that.
and it can quickly dissolve your resources very quickly.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I recently traveled through BDL with my family and was dissapointed that the Ticket checker, while being friendly and everything, didn't follow procedure by using the UV lights or loupes in checking IDS

And in response to the comment about the motto on the page, everyone plays a part in security, including you. That means if you see something sispicious like a bag left alone, you should report it. It doesn't mean we are in Nazi Germany. Thats not spying, that is keeping yourself and others safe.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I love TSA, keep up the good work