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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bob Burns (Blogger) - Yes, my real name is Bob. I am a real person and not a pseudonym as some think. My middle name is Robert and I've gone by Bob my entire life.

I started with the TSA in September 2002. I worked at the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) for 5 years and am currently assigned TSA headquarters. I started as a Transportation Security Officer (TSO), and have since been promoted to a Social Media Analyst with the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs to manage social media.

In my 14 years with TSA, I've also worked as an Operations Watch Officer, Instructor, Training Coordinator, Behavior Detection Officer, and I served as the Vice Chairman on TSA's first National Advisory Council - a group representing TSA's frontline workforce in discussions with TSA leadership on security and workplace issues.

I currently live in Ohio with my wife, two daughters, and a Wheaten Terrier named Rusty.

I joined the United States Army right out of high school and was trained to be a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Decontamination Specialist. After training in Alabama, I was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division and later served with them in Operations Desert Shield & Storm.

Prior to the TSA I was a singer songwriter and traveled the world with my band. Songwriting is now one of my hobbies along with record collecting, ugly ties and photography. My favorite type of music is Garage Rock from the 60s and Classic Jazz from the 50s and 60s.

West (Moderator) - Hi, my name is West, and I work at GSO (Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC).

I started with TSA in February of 2005. I was hired on as a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) and have since been promoted to Lead Transportation Security Officer (LTSO), and BDO (Behavior Detection Officer). I currently work as an On the Job Training (OJT) Monitor, and have been training new TSO’s since my first year with TSA. I live in Pleasant Garden, NC with my significantly better half Charlene, our cats Schrödinger (yes, he was named after that Schrödinger) and Heisenberg (named after the physicist, not the tv show), our dogs Darwin, Schultz and Rosie (Darwin is the blind one that grumbles at everyone and the other pair are viszla-black lab comedy reels).

Prior to working with the TSA, I put in 8 years with the US Army as a Military Police Officer. I also put in 8 years as a Silversmith Apprentice and am now a Journeyman Silversmith. My hobbies include sitting on a pier/boat with a fishing pole and being able to fix broken metal things.



Submitted by Hi on

Not using blogger anymore?

What is this? No more HTML tags?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Why aren't there more moderators since Bob and West seem incapable of timely moderation

Submitted by Steve Horoky on

Since January 5,2017 more than 100o guns,some loaded, have been uncovered by Tsa. What is the story people give and more intresting what is their true intent to bring weapons on carry-on luggage. Are they think there will be anther 9/11. It would be intersenting if what they said when they got caught. Read you every week and I am amazed by the # each week.

Submitted by M Daly on

when I give my tsa no to airplane reservation they reject my number because they says does not correspond to sex on tsa I am a female and it was fine for a few years now I can't seem to get any help I wait o the phone for hours. andy hints? my husband who travels with me does not have a TSA no. and at one point they put precheck on his ticket Help