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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Submitted by Donna on

I don't travel that often, can't afford it. But if you think that someone who is willing to pay $85 is less of a threat than someone with only a passport, than I think this is just about money and convenience. I paid for my passport card and it involved a background check, so why additional fees? Safety?

Submitted by Darrellgloks on

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Submitted by Judi Thomas on

Under the "Secure Flight Q&A II under "Questions about Names on Boarding Passes Matching Names on ID" when will that be updated with the most current requirements on what is accepted at the Airport Secure Points. The question- Airlines do not have a provision to enter a middle name when purchasing a ticket either online or with a travel agency, so what is acceptable on the boarding pass to match the Secure Flight Passenter Data . The information below indicates it will be phased-in, that information was posted in 2009, what is the current requirement for 2017/2018.
Secure Flight will be phased-in and each airline will be incorporating the necessary changes into their systems over the coming months. Passengers shouldn't be concerned if particular airlines don't ask them to provide the additional information right away; it should not impact their travel. Each airline will request this information as their capability to capture it is integrated into their individual systems.

Please update and provide what travelers need at the ATO Secure Check Point.

Submitted by James on

Can I bring/transport BB gun in my checked in luggage and or can I transport dismted BB gun divided in different suitcases.

Submitted by Frank on

As a retired DOD civilian employee with a CAC can I use the number on the CAC as a TSA Precheck number?

Submitted by Anonymous on

I feel this was an absolute waste of $85, This is now my second flight where the tsa pre check ‘did not show up’.

Submitted by Karyn White on

I feel this was an absolute waste of $85, This is now my second flight where the tsa pre check ‘did not show up’. I absolutely hate having to remove my shoes & toiletries.

Submitted by West Cooper on

Hello Karyn. There are some common reasons that TSA Precheck may not show up on your recent flights. Some of them are as simple as a number being entered incorrectly in your airline account, to the fact that there are random elements that mean you are not guaranteed expedited sceening with a Known Traveler Number.

This article covers some of the most common reasons.

The TSA Precheck FAQ page gives more information on some reasons that can cause you to not recieve Precheck.

As always, there is no guarantee that having a KTN, or participating in the Precheck program always gives you expedited screening:

"If I am TSA Pre✓® eligible, am I guaranteed expedited screening?

No, TSA uses unpredictable security measures, both seen and unseen, throughout the airport. All travelers will be screened, and no individual is guaranteed expedited screening."

(above quote snipped from the TSA Precheck FAQ page)

TSA Blog Team

Submitted by Anonymous on

I have paid for precheck and I never get it!! Waste of money.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I have a serious concern. Since approval for TSA precheck my Delta flights from Atlanta, my home airport, i have only received Precheck I believe once in over ten flights but my returning from other airports i do get precheck status. Is there something wrong?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Can I bring an atomic lighter in my carry-on bag?

Submitted by Robert McCoy on

My wife traveled from Lima Peru to Los Angeles. she was born in Lima but is a US citizen. The TSA agent started asking questions about why she was traveling and her maiden name. The agent called for another agent and he asked the agent what he was doing and informed him of her citizenship.If he read that her passport indicated that she was a US citizen. She was so up set and rattled. Please instruct your officers of this problem.

Submitted by Mary Jo Mundt on

I recently flew United from O'Hare Chicago to Tampa, Florida....Why are some TSA employees so rude! At O'Hare I was going through the regular screening check-in, walked through the x-ray machine. I stopped at the x-ray and stood there waiting for the ok to go through. "The female TSA officer" said to me "I don't what you're standing there for, move on." How rude!! Every airport is different. That wasn't necessary. "You can go" would have sufficed. It was April 5th, flight 1610 leaving at 11:41 A.M.

Submitted by Patricia on

My client has questions about packing medications--the original bottles are quite large--she would like to put them in a smaller
container in her carry on.Is that going to be ok.
Thanks for your help with this.

Submitted by Billy Massey on

My Boarding Pass Name is not exactly like I gave when making my reservation. Allegiant only uses first & last name. I have a middle name followed by Jr at the end. Will TSA stop me if my Drivers License and Boarding Pass doesn't exactly match. If not what should I do now to keep from being delayed?

Submitted by Mark Gregerson on

I think we should do away with a useless program like tsa. Just another waste of our tax money. Checking people at airports is a hassle. They are rude, inconsiterite to disabled people. They need to put that effort into our schools and maybe keep our kids safe. Just another breech of privacy that our government controls.

Submitted by John Brodey on

We can't find my daughter's passport (she's over 21) but we have a photocopy, will that be sufficient for I.D. purposes?

Submitted by West Cooper on

John sez - "We can't find my daughter's passport (she's over 21) but we have a photocopy, will that be sufficient for I.D. purposes?"

John, the photocopy can not be used as a valid form of ID, however, we have a process in place to help get your daughter through the screening process without it. This process takes a bit longer than usual, so please allow some extra time to get through this process.

TSA blog Team