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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

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Friday, June 13, 2008
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While this story is not directly related to the TSA, it shows that a bomb can be hidden anywhere by those with fowl intent (pun intended). We thought we'd have a little fun, we hope you enjoy it:

We’re not sure why the chicken crossed the road, but we do know what happened after it did.

On June 10th in Simsbury, Connecticut, police found a pipe bomb stuffed inside of a raw roasting chicken. The chicken was noticed on the side of the road by a passing motorist with a bird’s eye view...

The Police Chief declined to comment due to the pending investigation, so at this point, we’re not sure who hatched this bird-brained plot or why.

It is possible that some misguided youth were egged on to make the poultry projectile. But the real intent is unknown.

The Hartford Police Department's bomb squad took stock in the incident and arrived on scene to detonate the chicken. The road was closed during the detonation, preventing anybody from crossing. (Including Chickens) One member of the squad stated it was poultry in motion (yes we're kidding).

We hope that nobody takes advantage of this incident by using tired old chicken puns (how lame would that be). Remember to report all suspicious activity.


EoS Blog Team


Submitted by Sandra on

Bob said:

"Ahhh, Sandra… our biggest fan. "

Bob-o, I could easily become your worst nightmare. You wouldn't want that.

Submitted by Anonymous on

"Scenario #1 – You forgot your ID at home. You will go through additional screening and be permitted to travel.

Scenario #2 – You openly state you are not going to cooperate and show us your ID. You will not be processed through our checkpoint and you will not fly."

Why? There's absolutely no defense for this policy that's based in security. Someone who refuses to show ID but agrees to be screened poses no danger whatsoever. Once again, TSA cares not at all about security. It's all about control. Shame on you. You are not patriots; you are a disgrace.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Trollkiller said...
Blogger Bob Said...

Anonymous said... The responses here just prove the point that passengers are stupid... just shut up and fly! June 14, 2008 6:26 PM

I’m not sure why this comment was approved, but since it’s here, I’ll address it. Blanket statements like this are worthless and no good comes from them. Also, the “shut up and fly” comment is very unprofessional no matter how much you disagree with somebody.

Blogger Bob, asinine posts like that SHOULD be approved. It gives us insight on what the real feelings are by the people manning the screening areas. When someone comes up with such a witty retort to all this issues that are brought up on this blog, it tells me they have no defense for their actions.

Again, everyone aytomatically assumes this post was a TSO, with the anonymous moniker it just might have been someone else trying (marginally succeeding)in making all TSO's look bad. That being said, it might indeed have been a TSO and if it was I say shame on you, if this is how you feel then quit and go flip burgers somewhere.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Ayn R. Key said... The TSA says that we have to show valid ID to fly or we can't get in, even with a pat-down alternative. June 13, 2008 10:28 PM

Not true.

Scenario #1 – You forgot your ID at home. You will go through additional screening and be permitted to travel.

Scenario #2 – You openly state you are not going to cooperate and show us your ID. You will not be processed through our checkpoint and you will not fly.

Not showing ID in no way demonstrates an uncooperative person.

Stating who I am should be enough unless there is a evudence of a possible unlawful act that has occurred.

You admit that additional screening is all that needs to be done for someone who forgot their ID, how can that not be enough for someone who desires not to identify themselves to a representative of the federal govenment?

You cannot have two standards and not trample on the rights of the public.

I'm sorry but answer #2 is retalitory in nature and simply unjust.

Submitted by Ayn R Key on

This comment has been removed by the author.

Submitted by Anonymous on

"Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?"

To avoid the TSA.


Submitted by Lulu on

Bob is naturally odd but we love him anyway!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Abelard said...

"I challenge you to show me where the 3-1-1 rule, the new ID rule or the show removal rule would have changed what happened in 2001. If you can't, then your snark against those of us who value our Constitution and our liberties is pointless prattle."

9-11 was only the first strike. That's why passengers can't take boxcutters. Cockpits were reinforced. Lessons learned. The shoe bomber was another strike. Remember that? That's why you have to take off your shoesie-woosies. I know it's asking a lot. Then there was a plot to blow up planes from London to NY with liquid explosives. TSA reacted while allowing people to still take a quart of liquids. But even that is asking too much. I'm glad we're all in this together, people.

I like how what I say is snark, Abelard, but what you say is defending the Constitution.

Submitted by Yangj08 on

What happened to my last comment? I wanted to ask- what happens when a foreigner loses their ID? That secondary was because his ID was considered invalid by a TSO for whatever reason. Today that same person would have to go through verification or be denied. Where would verification data for non-Americans come from? Or will they all be denied?

Submitted by Anonymous on

awesome image!

So your relatives make stuffing like that too?
How do you spell relief?

That image is very cool, but I'm curious if you found it, or had a photoshoot? If the idea was brought to life with a photography expert, it makes it 3 times funnier. in my opinion. :)


Submitted by Des Moines Phot... on

I enjoy the humor of the post. Keep up the good work blog team!

Submitted by Rhondalyn Teel on

Unfortunantely, this is a typical incident. What a waste of man power and public funds.

Yes, I am talking about this post...

Submitted by Edward on

Whilst I hate to fan the flames of bad taste, perhaps the "true intent" was simply that they were looking for a quick way to cook a chicken - and didn't have a microwave!

Nice post, Bob - it made me laugh (and it's either tears or laughter in these situations, right?) :-)

Submitted by Chicken Ark on

I thought this post was 'clucking' amazingly funny!