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Friday, July 02, 2010
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I have long allowed off topic comments. However, after many complaints from folks who would understandably like to stay on the subject, I am providing this post as a place to comment things that are way off topic with the current post.

I’ve added a link to this post on our sidebar so people will know to post off topic comments here.

You now have the option of subscribing to posts, so you’ll be able to keep up with the comments here if you so choose. So it’s not as if your comment is being exiled to the land of forgotten comments. We’ll be paying attention, and you can stay up to date with an RSS feed.

As much as we’d like to hear about your synchronized swimming club, I ask that all comments posted here remain TSA focused and adhere to TSA’s comment policy.

Bob Burns
TSA Blog Team


Submitted by BRD on

I just started looking at your blog in prep for an upcoming flight. And I'm confused about why you put SO much emphasis on firearms! First time, I didn't realize there was anything else and skipped the end of the blog where there was minimal information. Isn't there a more user-friendly way to provide needed info?

Submitted by Eg on

Coming from Montego bay yesterday I had to go through customs and security again in DFW. I brought duty free with me which I purchased at Montego bay airport. This is my first time buying duty free, so I don't know how I'm suppose to carry it, so the lady wrapped the bottle. So TSA in DFW wanted to take my bottle because it was wrapped and was very rude about it. If you guys have certain things in place about duty free then you need to send memos to each country on how duty free items should be handled and not take it out on the passengers who don't know. I asked to speak to a supervisor but everyone claims to be one, some people have no customer service skills. You guys make sure that when people are going through security in other countries coming to the states they make sure no liquidez are over 3 oz, then you should be able to figure out a way where everyone in duty-free shops know how alcohol should be carried.

Submitted by Phillip Gain on

News outlets are abuzz with TSA-mandated new restrictions on electronic devices as carry-ons from certain Middle Eastern countries. Is an official announcement of the policy forthcoming? I am a travel consultant, and am hesitant to give notice to my clients based solely on news articles.

Submitted by GSOLTSO on

Philip sez - "News outlets are abuzz with TSA-mandated new restrictions on electronic devices as carry-ons from certain Middle Eastern countries. Is an official announcement of the policy forthcoming?"

DHS did the official release here.

TSA Blog Team

Submitted by RB on

Comment policy states TSA will not post spam or commercial comments yet in the DO YOU KNOW article of 8/25/17 is a clearly spam/commercial comment.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Cindy, I believe X-rays may damage hardware of an insulin pumps but there are software controlled insulin pumps are available that may help. here is the page came on by searching on google.

Industry is moving faster and they will solve many such problems

Submitted by Anonymous on

Why don’t TSA personnel who inspect checked luggage use even 1/10 of the care in inspecting the contacts of my luggage that I use when packing it? Ziplock bags are not ever resealed. Sealed liquid food products are opened (that’s bad enough) but then they don’t return it to a ziplock bag and often don’t even ensure that it is closed! This ends up destroying the contents of the bag! You are doing a huge disservice to the traveling public and I really don’t think you care. Your field personnel obviously do not. This is an anonymous abuse of the public.

Submitted by B on

Seattle-Tacoma Airport TSA personnel on the screening door treat flyers with no respect. They think they are above the law most of the time. They embarrass flyers in front of other people while they screen. For instance, I stood up too long to search me with my belt off, pants lowered, hands up. Seems like they are happy when they embarrass flyers. That is what I always noticed each I fly.