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TSA Pre✓® Pilot Expanding To Two More Airports

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012
TSA Pre✓™ logo.

As promised, TSA is moving forward with the TSA Pre✓® pilot, and what better way to kick off 2012 than with the addition of two more airports - Salt Lake City (SLC) and John F. Kennedy (JFK) - to the program.

There are a lot of moving pieces, so here’s a quick look at next steps for the pilot in the coming months:

Early 2012

  • United Airlines and US Airways will begin offering the program to their eligible frequent flyers
  • Minneapolis and SLC will offer the program to pilot participants traveling on Delta
  • Los Angeles and JFK will also come on board for participants traveling on American

Stay tuned! US Airways and United recently began notifying their eligible frequent fliers, and TSA will announce more details on start dates and locations at new airports as soon as we have them. TSA also plans to build on the pilot’s initial success and continue expanding the program to additional airlines and airports once they are operationally ready.

We’ve received positive feedback from the overwhelming majority of the nearly 200,000 passengers who have been screened through TSA Pre✓® since the pilot rolled out. TSA continues to gather encouraging feedback from those who have experienced the program at the participating airports [Atlanta (ATL), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Miami (MIA) and Las Vegas’ McCarran (LAS) airports].

Bob Burns
TSA Blog Team

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Submitted by Jim Huggins on

Will participants in this program be allowed to bring cupcakes through the checkpoint?

Submitted by Anonymous on


Submitted by Anonymous on

Will I be able to bring a Delicious Cupcake™ with me if I am Pre✓™ ?

Or is this just a way to Divide and Conquer™ in a way to attempt to silence some of the TSA Critics™?

Submitted by Anonymous on

It's amazing that you've already screened upwards of 200K passengers using the Precheck lines. How are you tracking this number? Counters?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Everyone should be able to go through the checkpoint without removing shoes, liquids or laptops. Everyone should use only metal detectors as primary screening. Stop presuming guilt until proven a US-national frequent flier.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Just another way for the governmant to grab more information on people. Do you really think I would voluntarially hand over info?

And you do know that this will not stop anyone who is determined to do something.....don't you?

Time to give us all back our dignity at the airports. I'm tired of guilty until proven innocent.

Submitted by Anonymous on

At LAS, a passenger in the P-check lane forgot a bottle of water in his bag. He was written up and the TSO told him that TSA has to report all infractions by Pre-check passengers and that he may be kicked out of the program as a result. Seems a bit harsh.

We all forget something sometimes, even TSA employees.

Submitted by SciMjr2 on

Dear Blogger Bob,

This program boggles my mind ... it really does!

What information can I possibly provide anyone at the TSA with that proves I am not a terrorist?

Where can I go to get my "I'm Not A Terrorist" ID card?

I have multiple firearms AND I work in a job that deals with young children ... so, in all probability, I have had more background checks than anyone working in the TSA!

Realistically, I think the proof that I am not a terrorist should come from the fact that I didn't blow myself up in line.

I think after 9/11 there is no way terrorists would ever be able to commandeer a plane again ... the passengers wouldn't allow it!

Look at what happened with the shoe and underwear bombers! PASSENGERS AND NOT TSA subdued them!

HOWEVER, setting off an explosion in a very long line FILLED with people, bags, and all kinds of heavy equipment is a terrorists dream scenario!

How, pray-tell, does the TSA plan to stop terrorists from blowing themselves up at the backed-up, super densely crowded security checkpoints?

I know it may sound that way ... but I am not trying to be a smart-butt on this ... I'd really like some feedback on this one!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Amazing.... I have held a top secret security clearance in the past, I am a former military officer, and I am currently in an FBI anti-terrorism organization. I have recently had two full FBI background checks.

But the TSA does not recognize any of that, because they don't have to. When is TSA going to learn that there are plenty of people who want to help with security?

Instead, TSA just works to upset as many people as possible. And they do it from a position of complete ignorance and poor training.

Submitted by Anonymous on

"Instead, TSA just works to upset as many people as possible. And they do it from a position of complete ignorance and poor training."

I disagree that the TSA intends to upset as many people as possible. The TSA intends to employ as many people as possible.

As to the second point, we are in complete agreement; ignorance and poor training are the hallmarks of TSA security theater.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I am eligible because I am a member of Global Entry. I find it odd that I can only use the pre-check lane when I am traveling domestically. In other words, the CDP trusts me when I enter the USA, but the TSA does not trust me when I leave. Seems backwards.

Submitted by Guangzhou Trave... on

That is in fact what the TSA is made up of...All you have to do is check the career experience of most TSA employees. The bottom line is "reasonable" is best determined by the expert collective, plus experience and trends. Both kids and the elderly have been used in different situations (with and without their consent) to carry out the senseless deeds of others. Why wait until it happens here to "whine" about it? The alternative - getting slammed into a building at 500mph - is less desirable and reasonably so!