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Moment of Silence for Those Lost on American Airlines Flight 11 and at the World Trade Center 8:46 AM 9/11/2001

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Submitted by Anonymous on

Shame on you.

Submitted by Anonymous on

May we never forget the tragedy that took place on 11th September 2011. Thankfully nothing of this magnitude has taken place since then but we must always remain vigilant. However, we do need to make one change based on this tragedy. That is we need four trained and armed security officers on each flight that passes over US air space. Four government trained people (the US Marshals service would be the appropriate agency to run this program IMO) with guns willing to kill terrorists on each of these flights would have prevented this tragedy. I have said it here before and will again -- this could be paid for with a $75 per flight ($150 maximum per trip) tax on each and every plane trip sold.

Even though I may disagree on the above point with TSA officials (or it would have already been done), I respect TSA employees attempting to keep flyers safe and support them 100 per cent. Even with armed US Marshals on board every flight there would still be a place for searching of packages and passengers to prevent tragedy. However, without armed guard on each plane we will never truly be safe from terrorists IMO.

Submitted by RB on

It is truly a shame that what TSA is doing to this country makes a mockery of all of those people who died on 9/11/2001.

Submitted by Anonymous on

"May we never forget the tragedy that took place on 11th September 2011. Thankfully nothing of this magnitude has taken place since then but we must always remain vigilant."

Actually, the number of fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan outnumbers those killed on 9/11. For their families, there certainly has been a tragedy of that magnitude.

Your suggestion of four Marshals is ridiculous - the government is not capable of managing the current number. The fees you mention are also ridiculous. Are you suggesting there should be four Marshals on a 50 seat RJ and four Marshals on a 500 seat A380?

TSA employees do not "keep flyers safe;" hardened cockpit doors and forewarning do.

Submitted by Anonymous on

How many teachers and priests have we seen in the news fooling around with young kids? Oh and did we forget about the asst. coach at Penn State? What about him? In case you all haven't noticed their are bad apples in every bunch. This simply boils down to one thing. If you don't want to go through the security procedures and deal with all the restrictions....DONT FLY! Flying is a privilege not a right. Take other means of transportation. Way to go TSA!! Keep up the excellent work you do screening millions of passengers each day. And no hijackings since TSA was created 10 years ago!!!

Submitted by Anonymous on

I commented on this story the day it was posted. My comment did not violate any of the posting guidelines and directly responded to the ludicrous proposal to put four air marshals on every flight at the cost of "only" $75-$150 a ticket. This comment was never posted. Please explain why this was never posted or post it without further delay.