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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

After a drone was spotted at a Vikings game, rumors have been “flying” around that it was a TSA drone. I just wanted to take this quick opportunity to say that TSA does not use drones. I have been accused of “droning” on and on before, but other than that, we’re drone free.

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Submitted by Anonymous on

Was the TSA at the game? I heard that they were seen patrolling the area around the game? I didn't hear about any drones though. Patrolling a football game seems outside of the TSA's scope of work.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I would welcome miniature drones from an independent law enforcement authority, for example FBI or local police, flying through all areas of an airport, including behind the scenes areas of TSA and other airport personnel. They could help reduce instances of thefts by airport and TSA employees and pre-flight drinks by crew members, as well as identifying people engaged in dangerous activities between passing through security and boarding a plane.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Perhaps TSA has no drones, but CBP sure does (Customs & Border Protection.) Plenty of other agencies that will spy on citizens.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Still not commenting on the girl in the wheelchair you lot terrorized, huh, Curtis?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Why would the TSA be at an internal event of ANY kind? TRANSPORTATION Security Administration doesn't sound like ANY ball game!

Let's see how you lie out of this...

Submitted by Anonymous on

So, was TSA working at the game?

Submitted by Anonymous on

DHS has alot of other Federal Law enforcement teams, i am sure one of them if not more were present at this game. I am pretty sure there have always been Federal Law enforcement officers at large gatherings, just not all visible.

Submitted by Anonymous on

No disturbances, no missiles fired. No harm done. Our government has to show how the taxpayers are protected.

Submitted by @SkyWayManAz on

TSA does have to issue waivers to fly within 3 nautical miles and 3,000 feet above ground level over any MLB, NFL, NCAA Division 1 football or NASCAR race. The exception is if you are in contact with a towered airport on approach or departure, no loitering. Once when I was operating an aircraft I heard a controller deny permission for a well known blimp to overfly a MLB game. The controller specifically used the words "TSA waiver" on the frequency and the blimp didn't have one (They were unaware of the game that day but had a waiver for the previous MLB series they covered and were still in the area). So TSA may not have drones but that would be interesting if it was in the airspace without TSA's permission. The precense of a VIPR team there makes this even more unlikely.

Submitted by Wintermute on

RB said...

"The TSA issued a statement saying, "...a male passenger was unable to provide identification required of travelers at the TSA Document Control station..."

So TSA is now claiming that ID is required of travelers?

Especially when identity doesn't matter, according to a recent comment by TSORon.

Submitted by Marc on

Many people are against the use of drones, it seems that they have a phobia... I think with better legislation drones will be part of the future and will be very useful for the society. In my opinion one of the applications that most important can be drones ambulance carrying defibrillators. This could significantly reduce the time to reach out to people who suffer a heart attack. On this page, at the end of the article you can find a video where you can watch an ambulance drone in action.

Submitted by Martin on

nice tips!