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New Pages on Spanish-Language Page and TSA Kids

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TSA Kids

Today, we launched two new features on the website; a Spanish-language page and TSA for Kids. The new pages are part of TSA’s goal to help all passengers understand what to expect when going through airport security. Passengers who know what to expect during screening will benefit from a more positive screening experience.

The Spanish Web page is TSA’s next step in its plans to easily connect with passengers in their native language and ensures that Spanish speaking passengers have the most current information and security updates available.

TSA’s new website for kids offers children and parents of young travelers important security information in a fun and engaging way and encourages children to learn more about TSA procedures prior to traveling. The website features travel security activities as well as security related videos and information to teach children and their parents about the security process. This website will not only keep young travelers informed, it will make traveling more enjoyable for the entire family.

For more information about TSA, please visit our website at

John S. Pistole, TSA Administrator

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Submitted by RB on

Brainwash the kiddies while they are young. Easier to control them when they grow up.

Submitted by Susan Richart on

Love the way the machine that looks like a WTMD lights up as if it were radioactive. As well, aren't families allowed through WTMD instead of the Nude Body Scanners?

Good heavens, you can't even get a video right!!!!!!

screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Submitted by Bubba on

You know what would make travel more pleasant for the whole family? Less ridiculous rules and procedures. How about doing security like it is done in most places abroad (including for flights into and over the US): no full body scanners, just metal detectors, shoes on and polite staff?

Submitted by Anonymous on

"TSA for Kids" = Creepy.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Hmmm, that machine looks a lot like a nude body scanner to me. It lights up and scans the cartoon kid while he's in it - with his arms up.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Oh, how dare you. How DARE you create this propaganda, brainwashing our children into thinking these procedures work. And THEN you disable our ability to express our thoughts about it on YouTube?

How do you sleep at night?

Submitted by RB on

Still trying to control the message by not allowing comments.

Submitted by Anonymous on

So is your TSA Kids going to remind children that they will be targeted and humiliated by rude blue-shirts if they bring any toys that include tiny little guns that could never fire so much as ant venom?

Submitted by Anonymous on

That page is creepy,

Submitted by Anonymous on

After reading my fair share of stories on the blog, I've come to realize that all of you who choose to leave comments here have some serious issues. Although I don't agree with all of the things the agency does, I myself would refrain from posting anti-government rhetoric or conspiracy theory nonsense. No, this doesn't make me any better than anyone else, but seriously? I'd assume you would all have something better to do than show off how we as Americans like to give the perception that we are elitists in everyway.

Submitted by Tracy on

TSA for Kids is beyond creepy.

Submitted by Susan Richart on

Let's see a show of hands from those who truly believe that there have been only 10 comments submitted on the subject of the kids TSA video.

6 days and only 10 comments.

screen shot

Submitted by Anonymous on

Well that crap was full of lies. Not once did it mention that not only are TSA policies ineffective, they also make travelers less safe.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Will more comments make it past the blog team's delete button? Would love to see how many anonymous TSA employees pose as the general public to praise the site.

The Stop Scream, er, Screen, Go video does not reflect reality. You don't gain the trust of kids by so blatantly lying to them.


Submitted by Anonymous on

Seriously, you expect us to believe only 12 people have commented on the creepy TSA kids site, but the lame blotter post put up after it garnered 22 comments?

Oh, I get it. This is a "Pistole Post." Can't let all of the actual public comments through or the boss will be mad.


Submitted by Anonymous on

Still not approving public comments on the kids site, blotter team?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Ok, it's been a couple of weeks. You gonna finally approve the public comments critical of the TSA kids web site?

Disappointing, Bob. Very disappointing.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Why is TSA waiting tax payer money to produce propaganda aimed at children? Very questionable motives.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Still not approving comments on the kids site? It's been weeks, Bob.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Hey Bob, have you seen the parody of the TSA kids cartoon yet?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Six days since the last approved post, still no critical comments about the video allowed by Admin. Pistole, right Curtis?

Submitted by Anonymous on

West, you said comments were approved within 48 hours. It's been at least four days since I submitted a comment to this thread. Where is it? It conformed with TSA Comment Policy.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Wow, this post is almost two months old and the blotter team has yet to post critical comments. Did the blotter team delete comments from the American taxpayers that confirmed to blog policies?

I think we need to ask Administrator Pistole and or Congressional representatives what they thinks of that.


Submitted by Anonymous on

Mid March 2014. Blotter team still hasn't approved any critical comments. Pistole must think he is so loved.