Are You Enrolled in a Trusted Traveler Program but Have Not Received TSA Pre✓®? Here is Your Answer.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

TSA Pre✓®, an expedited screening program now available at 117 airports nationwide has many recognized benefits. To get these benefits, however, it is important to correctly enter and double-check your known traveler number (KTN) when booking a flight in order to get full program benefits. An incorrect entry might opt you out of TSA Pre✓® on a particular flight itinerary.

We hear that some trusted travelers have not been able to enjoy the benefits of TSA Pre✓® because of errors made in entering information when they book their reservation. On a given day, some have missed out on expedited screening because of a few minor errors. Here are some helpful tips:

First, when you receive your KTN, you should make sure your airline frequent flyer profile and any current and/or future reservations include the KTN. Also, please verify that the airline has your first/middle/last name and correct date of birth – it should match exactly how you applied for the trusted traveler program. For example, if you applied for a trusted traveler program as John David Doe, with David being your middle name, your airline frequent profile should not be JD Doe; it needs to be consistent – first/middle/last.

This link to the TSA website describes the probability of receiving TSA Pre✓® on your next flight. Those who have a KTN will receive TSA Pre✓® on a more consistent basis on all nine participating U.S. carriers.

Members of these different trusted traveler programs have been provided a KTN:

Lawful permanent residents, enrolled in a CBP program, are not yet eligible for TSA Pre✓®. They will be able to begin participation this summer.

A description of the different trusted traveler programs is available here. A comparison chart is also available.

You can always ask your carrier(s) to update your profile information and/or saved Secure Flight data. If you want to verify your name and/or KTN, and you are enrolled in TSA Pre✓®, please click here. If you are enrolled in a CBP program, please see the post from November, which describes how to verify your name and/or KTN, which CBP calls your “PASSID.”

We always recommend that when in doubt, call the carrier to verify that your Secure Flight data matches, and make any corrections. This way, the odds are in your favor that you will receive TSA Pre✓® on your next flight!

Lastly, if you completed enrollment, visited an application center, and received approval for a trusted traveler program, and still have not received TSA Pre✓®, please contact us. Our contact center will forward your information to the appropriate personnel to research the issue.

We are here to help!

Safe travels!

TSA Blog Team

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