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TSA Travel Tips: Applying for TSA Pre✓® at an Application Center

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
TSA Application Center

CVG Application Center

Would you like to apply for TSA Pre✓®, but you’re not quite sure how to get the proverbial ball rolling?

You need to visit a TSA Pre✓® Application Center. You can do this in one of two ways.

  1. Pre-enroll online and make an appointment to visit an application center.
  2. Visit any application center as a “walk-in”. (Please note that you may experience a longer wait time without an appointment.)

When visiting an application center, be sure to bring required documentation and the application fee of $85. Applicants can pay via credit card, money order, company check or certified/cashier's check. Cash and personal checks are not accepted. Enrollment centers accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express and Discover cards.

After applying, successful applicants will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) via U.S. mail approximately 2-3 weeks following the visit to the application center. Applicants can also check their status here.

Individuals who already have a KTN include members of the following U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler programs: Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI. These members are already eligible for TSA Pre✓®. Lawful permanent residents, enrolled in a CBP program, are not yet eligible for TSA Pre✓®. They will be able to begin participation this summer.

Additionally, all U.S. Armed Forces service members, including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard, are automatically eligible for TSA Pre✓® by using their Department of Defense ID number as their KTN.

Helpful TSA Pre✓® Links:

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Bob Burns
TSA Blog Team

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Submitted by Cathy (NOT Also... on

While I understand (I guess - pretty SCAREY if we are using a name to match to anything!!) the need for names to match, I have NEVER used my formal name, but my birth certificate and passport have it. I have always gone by an obvious nickname, but yet if I get TSA Pre-check I will always have to use my formal name for travel? My drivers license and all credit cards and EVERY PIECE OF PAPERWORK I have used for 57 years has my nickname. I am very afraid I would forget to book tickets in my formal name, so I am cancelling my appointment, and will take my chances on randomly being selected.

Submitted by Voyager on

My wife and I applied on June 8th in person. She received hers within days. It is july 12th and I have notreceived mine. I called and they said it can take 30 to 45 days. So we wait. Funny that after June 8th I renewed my passport and received it today. So I am good to go in and out of the country but can not enter the TSA Pre line. And TSA said theat renewing my passport would not be the cause of a delay. My passport was still valid but it had been stained so I wanted a new one before we travel out of country on vacation.

Submitted by Voyager on

Keyed stuff. Now it is gone. 40 days no KTN yet, but did get my new passport so at least I xan now travel in and out of country, just can not get in TSA Pre line.

Submitted by Thisnthatfromth... on

I applied for TSA on June 13th and my husband applied on June 14th. He had a confirmation email on June 15th and had his KTN letter w/ number 2 days later. I waited until 30 days and called on July 14th to inquire about my status. I'm not sure why they say to call after 30 days because the lady didn't tell me anything or assure me of anything. She just said that I have to continue to wait. She said that my information will be forwarded to whomever deals with those applications over 30 days old and gave me a confirmation # for that. Today is July 25th and I still have not heard from anyone or received my letter with KTN number. It's so random. My husband and I both have clean as a whistle records - not one thing on them. So waiting I am. I'm hoping they start my 5 years from the date it is issued and not the date of my application.
It is frustrating alright!! I'm not sure what to do next? Keep calling every 3 days? Wait, wait, wait...

Submitted by Annamarie on

Good for 5yrs

Submitted by GMFlyer on

What is the current processing time for TSA Pre-Check? I'm on day 47 and still waiting for approval.

Submitted by GMFlyer on

What's the current processing time for TSA Pre Check? I'm on day 47 and still waiting for approval.

Submitted by GMFlyer on

48 days and counting and still no PreCheck approval/denial. What's going on here? Has anyone had a similar experience.

Submitted by Unknown on

63 days and still waiting here.
They told me 5 days but call us if you don't hear by day 30.

It's a joke. Going to dispute the $85 with my credit card company for failure to provide purchased service.

The flight I wanted it for is tomorrow so just about 0% chance of them getting it done in time at this point.

Submitted by GMFlyer on

I'm on day 55. You may also want to contact your congressman or senator to see if they can facilitate the process. Can't blame you for disputing the charge with your cc company.
Submitted by Acquanita Russaw on

I don't understand me and my girlfriend went to the TSA center the same day. However she receives her ktn number in 12 days. I don't have a record. Why r some people getting theirs back quicker than others. When u call an inquiry no one has any info. I have a passport can fly out of the country but can't get a ktn number.I don't understand the process.

Submitted by Tmathews on

When I check my status online, I see that my determination letter has been mailed but KTN still showing as unassigned online. Does that mean I have been denied?

Submitted by J on

I got the same thing. Eligibility determined, we mailed a letter. I have the same concern... That I was denied. Did you finally get a ktn?

Submitted by Anonymous on

My experience: 60 Days processing time.

The letter from TSA containing my KTN (Known Traveler Number) was sent out today Oct. 17th, 2016. I'll have the KTN (the whole purpose of signing up for TSA Pre) when I receive the letter from TSA. At least the case processing has completed.

August 16, 2016: TSA Pre application submitted.
Your application has been received and your security threat assessment (STA) is underway. If you do not hear from TSA within 30 days from enrollment, please contact the UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1.
Status as of 8/16/2016.

10/17/16: Case processing is complete.
TSA mailed you a letter with information regarding your eligibility determination. If you do not receive this letter within 10 days of receiving this status, please contact the UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1.
Status as of 10/17/2016.

Hope this info is of some help to others.
From the comments, it's either a few days for processing or a few months.

Submitted by Ashley A on

Just an update for anyone wondering how long the process will take..

Mines took 10 days (6 business days)

Submitted by Kim on

My minor son and I went together for the interview. He received his approval and # by email within 3 days. Today my status is a letter has been sent with info about my determination of eligibility. Does this mean I've been denied?

Submitted by GMFlyer on

Kim, the letter should confirm you've been approved. If I recall, I received the same notice this summer.
Submitted by Anonymous on


I had the same experience.
Please see my posted message (two above yours) dated "October 17, 2016 at 1:59 PM".
I included the timeline details in my message above.

From what I recall, a few days after I received notice of the letter being sent out, I was able to check the TSA website for my KTN. The website had my KTN available before I received the official letter from TSA. In short, just check the TSA website for your KTN: (

First thing I did when I received my KTN was to update all my frequent flyer profiles to add my KTN.

Hope that helps.

Submitted by Joyce's Condo on

When it is time to renew, does TSA notify us that it is about to expire? What is the renewal process?

Submitted by Unknown on

How unfortunate for those who are most prone to claim infringement upon their Constitutional rights invariably seem to have the poorest understanding of what their Constitutional rights actually happen to be.

No one has impinged or infringed upon your right to freely express your views. You do seem to hold the fallacious belief that your right to free expression also is a de facto obligation imposed upon others to furnish a forum for you to do so.

By your reasoning, any attempt to resist the tattooing upon your forehead of "RB is a whiner whose sense of entitlement exceeds intellect" would be guilty of a similar infringement.

Those who wish others to respect their individual rights are best served by first understanding and meeting their individual responsibilities.

Copy of original message laughed at.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I have an appointment tomorrow and I can't find my birth certificate. I need to reschedule. How do I do this in such late notice?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Having $85 makes you part of the "wealthy elite"? If you can afford a plane ticket often enough where Pre-Check is viable to you, you can certainly afford the $85 fee.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I got tsa pre check on my last boarding pass and didn’t pay for it , and was wondering what got me it ? I have a conceilded hand gun license and I work for dps but am not a cop.

Submitted by Mandeep on

It states quite clearly on their site the KTN # will be mailed by US Mail. That's my understanding.

Submitted by Robin on

Just because you applied for the TSA pre-check doesn't mean that you will be approved. They do mentioned the fee was non-refundable.

Submitted by Jeremy on

does the twic card and pre check card the same thing

Submitted by Ed on

When I retire and Im issued a CAC ID card will my dod ID number on the back of the card still qualify me for the TSA Pre Check program

Submitted by West Cooper on

Not necessarily Ed. There is a difference in retired and currently enlisted from a records keeping position. I have heard conflicting reports of the DOD number working for some folks, and not for others.Being a retired military member does not currently guarantee Precheck at this time.

TSA Blog Team

Submitted by Mark Adams on

I applied a couple of days ago...checked the Universal Enrollment site today and saw Eligibility Determined and to expect a mailing from the TSA. What does this mean? There was nothing on the visited page about a KTA number, or whether it was approved or denided. I've searched and there is no explanation anywhere of an explanation. The person at the TSA said I would get an email in up to 2 weeks, nothing about a letter. Is this a usual situation?

Submitted by Chris on

I got the same thing check online it state a letter will be send out regarding your eligibility determination
What does this mean

Submitted by Caleb on

Why? Because it was in the US on 9/11/2011 that some bad guys hijacked a bunch of planes and flew them into buildings and killed thousands of people. That didn't happen in Europe. So now we are kind of concerned about this. So if you set off the metal detector...we are going to take a second look. Build time into your travel plans and arrive early that way its not a big deal. You say it should be 'standard' but 'standard' changed when thousands of people died.

Submitted by LM on

If you hold a current Class A CDL with "Hazardous" endorsement, then yes Sir, you have undergone an FBI and State Police background check. Pretty much the same as getting a license to carry a handgun.

Submitted by Anonymous on

My husband, my mother and myself applied on the same day, however my husband got his within days who is a white male born in America. My mother and I, were born elsewhere but have been citizens for over 20 years w no criminal background but our application is still underway. The process seems to work differently for others. I just think processing times should be based on the day applying. Yes some people might need more time but it shouldn’t take weeks for someone else and a few days for others. The rep at the office said the background check only takes 3 days, it’s been weeks for my mom and I. Makes me think I wasted $85 for slow service when I was told the process is fast.