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TSA Week in Review - 48 Firearms Discovered This Week (39 Loaded)

Friday, March 28, 2014
Loaded Gun (SDF)

Loaded Gun (SDF)

Firearms Discovered This Week - Of the 48 firearms, 39 were loaded and 16 had rounds chambered. See a complete list and more photos at the bottom of this post.

L-R / T-B: Grenades Discovered at SLC, SJC, and PHX

L-R / T-B: Grenades Discovered at SLC, SJC, and PHX

Inert Ordnance and Grenades etc. - We continue to find inert hand grenades and other weaponry on a weekly basis. Please keep in mind that if an item looks like a realistic bomb, grenade, mine, etc., it is prohibited. When these items are found at a checkpoint or in checked baggage, they can cause significant delays because the bomb squad or explosives detection professionals must come to resolve the alarm to determine they’re not a threat. Even if they are novelty items, you cannot bring them on a plane. Read here on why inert items cause problems.

  • Four novelty/replica/inert grenades were discovered this week at Phoenix (PHX), San Jose (SJC), Salt Lake City (SLC), and Honolulu (HNL).
discovered belt knife

Belt Knife (SRQ) & Credit Caard Knife (OAK)

Artfully Concealed Prohibited Items - It’s important to examine your bags prior to traveling to ensure no prohibited items are inside. If a prohibited item is discovered in your bag or on your body, you could be cited and quite possibly arrested by local law enforcement. Here are a few examples from this week where prohibited items were found by our officers in strange places.

Multi-tool Concealed in CPAP (SAT)

Multi-tool Concealed in CPAP (SAT)

  • 11 credit card knives were discovered this week. Four were discovered at Oakland (OAK), three at Colorado Springs (COS), and the remainder were discovered at Appleton (ATW), Central Wisconsin (CWA), Sloulin Field (ISN), and Jacksonville (JAX). Check out this blog post for more information on credit card knives.
  • A belt buckle knife was discovered at Sarasota (SRQ).
  • A multi-tool/knife was detected concealed inside the water chamber of a CPAP machine at San Antonio (SAT).
Knife Gun (BGR), Switchblade (LAS), Large Knife (CLE)

Knife Gun (BGR), Switchblade (LAS), Large Knife (CLE)

Miscellaneous Prohibited Items - In addition to all of the other prohibited items we find weekly, our officers also regularly find firearm components, realistic replica firearms, bb and pellet guns, Airsoft guns, brass knuckles, ammunition, batons, and a lot of sharp pointy things…

Stun Guns - 13 stun guns were discovered this week in carry-on bags around the nation. Two were discovered at Northwest Florida (ECP) and the remainder were discovered at Albuquerque (ABQ), Anchorage (ANC), Atlanta (ATL), Charleston (CRW), Detroit (DTW), LaGuardia (LGA), Minneapolis - St. Paul (MSP), Pensacola (PNS), Seattle - Tacoma (SEA), Sacramento (SMF), and John Wayne (SNA).

Firearms Discovered This Week in Carry-On Bags

discovered firearms

Firearms Discovered at (L-R / T-B) IAH, TUL, GSB, FLL, MOB, RDU

Firearms Discovered This Week - Of the 48 firearms, 39 were loaded and 16 had rounds chambered

*In order to provide a timely weekly update, this data is compiled from a preliminary report. The year-end numbers will vary slightly from what is reported in the weekly updates. However, any monthly, midyear, or end-of-year numbers TSA provides on this blog or elsewhere will be actual numbers and not estimates.

You can travel with your firearms in checked baggage, but they must first be declared to the airline. You can go here for more details on how to properly travel with your firearms. Firearm possession laws vary by state and locality. Travelers should familiarize themselves with state and local firearm laws for each point of travel prior to departure.

Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent which is why we talk about these finds. Sure, it’s great to share the things that our officers are finding, but at the same time, each time we find a dangerous item, the throughput is slowed down and a passenger that likely had no ill intent ends up with a citation or in some cases is even arrested. The passenger can face a penalty as high as $7,500.00. This is a friendly reminder to please leave these items at home. Just because we find a prohibited item on an individual does not mean they had bad intentions, that's for the law enforcement officer to decide. In many cases, people simply forgot they had these items.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out our TSA Blog Year in Review for 2013. You can also check out 2011 & 2012 as well.

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Bob Burns
TSA Blog Team

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Submitted by RB on

Same post week after week. Nothing new at all.

Is this the best TSA's blog team can do?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Who can say they didnt know they were carrying a firearm when they arrived at the airport? Charge these dummies with terrorism!

Submitted by Anonymous on

How the hell do you leave a multi tool with an honest-to-god knife in it INSIDE a CPAP?

"I forgot"!?!

Yeah and the dog ate my homework.

Submitted by Anonymous on

why isnt there a comment on the tsa person that returned a 4 ct ring to a passenger thats making news?

Submitted by Anonymous on

What about the Jimmy Choo perfume bottle?

Submitted by Anonymous on

If you have any desire to stop the gun traffic, simply confiscate each and every weapon you find I carryon luggage.
I guarantee that will put a stop to it!
Then, give the weapons to the local police department. They can have a sale to raise money for gun safety.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I really need to just start cutting and pasting this..
People: "Pack it. Declare it. Keep it."

Submitted by Bubba on

So when is the fact that you never post any dangerous "catches" that require a full body scanner to find? Body scanners are slow, invasive, expensive and, as you prove week after week, ineffective. Time to stoop using these monstrosities.

Submitted by Anonymous on

till U get the judicial system to punish severely U R wasting your time and mine I refuse 2 believe there R that many ignorant people in this country

Submitted by Anonymous on

Why are confiscated liquids and such just tossed in regular trash right at the checkpoint? If they are to dangerous to fly shouldn't the disposal reflect that level of suspected threat?

Submitted by RB on

Was disciplinary action taken against the TSA employees who illegally held Stacey Amato hostage?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Is a multi tool really a threat to aviation? I can take scissors and large knitting needles on a plane. I don't see why the multi tool is prohibited. I'm sure there is a small blade on it, but it's smaller than the blades on scissors that are permitted. I suppose someone could use the tool to injure a passenger, but they could also do it with one of many permitted items too, such as scissors.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Nothing on the latest New York Times evisceration of your "behavior detection" nonsense, Curtis and West? Color me shocked.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I continue to wait for some justification for active duty military being included in pre-check, but not retired military or holders of current DoD or LE background investigations. military retirees have at least 20 years documented service to this Nation, pretty much proving their lack of risk. both DoD and LE background investigations should reveal any risk factors. active duty military do not, necessarily, have a background check or any significant length of service. neither citizenship nor a background investigation is required to enlist in the military, in fact there are likely illegal immigrants serving. if it is really about safety, then why are potentially unscreened non-citizens allowed through? sounds like it is just pandering to an admirable group to get PR, not adjusting the rules to ease screening on those who present a lower likelihood of threat.
Let me be clear: pre-911 screening should be the norm. it is all that is required, now that cockpit doors have been reinforced and locked, and flight crews and passengers know that the rules have changed and passivity=death.
however, if we are going to continue this massive waste of tax dollars on security theatre, at least have _some_ of the rules make sense.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Nothing on the latest New York Times evisceration of your "behavior detection" nonsense, Curtis and West? Color me shocked


TSA: Lie, Deny, Deflect, Ignore

Submitted by RB on

Is the TSA Blog Team misrepresenting the items shown in the image captioned Grenades Discovered?

Submitted by Anonymous on

When are you going to post photos of *everything* you have decided is a danger to a plane (e.g., big shampoo bottles and a round bottle of perfume)?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Of these 48 weapons found, how many were NOT in checked luggage. It is perfectly legal to carry a firearm in your checked luggage. you must declare the firearm. Is the TSA distorting the truth? Were these firearms just not declared and in checked luggage. If so, this is a procedural error on the part of the person. Not the TSA averting terrorism

Submitted by Anonymous on

To the commenters who think the US govt should bring false charges of terrorism and steal the private property of American citizens, YOU are part of the problem.

Please read the US Constitution and any newspaper. Just one. Learn about the justice system and the rights and responsibilities of being an American...and how the TSA violates our rights every day.

Submitted by Owen King on

Comment moderation=censorship

Submitted by Pat Hammer on

If I get approved and travel with my adult son as a companion and assistant (I am 82 years old) does he also have to pay $85 to be pre-checked? Or can he go on with me and skip the long lines that I can no longer stand in.
Submitted by BobM on

When I had pre-check and a friend I was traveling with did not, he was allowed to go near the front of the regular line so we could "stay together". Not sure if that was irregular or not, but I would hope they would allow that in your case (I was using a cane at the time after knee surgery, but didn't actually need help, as you may.)