Empty AK-47 Magazines in Checked Bag at JFK

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Friday, June 6, 2014
Empty AK-47 Magazines

Not Actual Items

There are stories circulating right now about something that’s not quite as newsworthy as it sounds. Two empty AK-47 magazines were discovered in a checked bag after TSA had screened that bag. That has led many to believe our officers and technology missed these items. You can seek out the stories for more details about the overall incident, but as far as TSA is concerned, our officers didn’t miss anything.

Our officers are looking for explosives in checked baggage that could cause catastrophic damage to the aircraft, not guns, knives, or empty AK-47 magazines. (Click here for details on how to properly travel with firearms in checked baggage.)

You see, travelers can’t get to their checked baggage while in flight. That’s why we allow passengers to travel with many items in checked baggage that are prohibited in carry-on bags.

If you take a look at our prohibited items list , you’ll see a side by side comparison chart of what can and can’t be packed in your checked and carry-on bags.

guns and firearms comparison chart

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Bob Burns
TSA Blog Team

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