Updated TSA Travel Tips: A frequent flyer profile, a frequent flyer number, a Known Traveler Number and TSA Pre✓®: what does it all mean?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015
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Updated 08/11/2015 - This post has been updated to bring you the latest information and tips on TSA Pre✓®.

Review these tips if you just received your KTN or have not received TSA Pre✓®.

If you have a Known Traveler Number (KTN), you might want to pay attention to this blog post. Why? Your next TSA Pre✓® opportunity may be impacted by how you use this information.

If you are enrolled in a trusted traveler program (TSA Pre✓® application program, Global Entry, NEXUS and/or SENTRI), or have been issued a KTN (e.g., members of the military), you will receive TSA Pre✓® on a consistent basis.

However, we have learned that TSA Pre✓® travelers who receive their KTN only add it directly to their frequent flyer profile. You may think you are all set, but more may be required to be eligible for TSA Pre✓® on your next flight.

Your frequent flyer profile — for one of the TSA Pre✓® participating airlines — makes the booking process easier, quicker and more efficient when booking on that particular airline website ONLY for future flights; your name, KTN and other personal/billing information is automatically populated when you use that site, and are logged in, for future reservations.

But we want to make a few very important points about this process:

  • Entering your KTN to your frequent flyer profile will NOT automatically update previously booked reservations.
  • If you make reservations via a third-party website (not on the airlines’ website directly) and/or travel agency, your KTN may not always be shared with the airline. Also, some systems don’t allow you to enter a KTN and only have a “Redress” field. Do not enter your KTN in the redress field.
  • Even though you save your KTN in your frequent flyer profile, it will not associate your KTN with reservations automatically unless the KTN is supplied during the booking process. Remember to always enter your KTN when booking your reservation, even when using your frequent flyer profile.
  • Lastly, if you make a change to a reservation, the airlines’ reservation system may, at times, remove your KTN.

TSA always recommends you contact your air carrier directly to add your KTN to your reservation, or use the tips below to ensure it is added correctly:

We recommend that when in doubt, call your air carrier — or contact them via Twitter — to verify that your Secure Flight data matches. Verify that the airline has your first/middle/last name, gender and correct date of birth exactly as you applied for your KTN. Your individual reservation — not just your frequent flyer profile — must include your KTN. Incorrect name and/or date of birth information will not clear you to receive TSA Pre✓® expedited screening on that flight. This also will happen if you incorrectly enter your KTN or enter it in the redress field.

Participants in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) trusted traveler program: your PASSID is your KTN and will generally start with 98. You can verify this information by logging into GOES. Choose the “Change Profile” option to verify first/middle/last name/date of birth and PASSID, which is your KTN. Your trusted traveler card will not grant you access to TSA Pre✓®; TSA Pre✓® must be printed on your boarding pass in order to receive expedited screening benefits.

Some of the TSA Pre✓® participating airlines allow you to pull up your individual reservation, and verify your KTN is included. We recommend you check, just to be sure, and it only takes a few minutes of your time:

Participating carriers

  • Air Canada: Visit http://www.aircanada.com. Enter confirmation number/last name. Click “Update Passport Information (APIS).” Include passport information, along with KTN in the “Known Traveler Number (e.g. NEXUS PASS ID)” field. (NOTE: TSA Pre✓® is only available at U.S. airports.)
  • Alaska Airlines: Enter confirmation number/last name. Under “Traveler Documentation,” click “Enter Known Traveler/Redress number,” enter KTN. If your KTN has already been added, you will see the message, “Known Traveler number has already been collected for this traveler.”
  • American Airlines: Visit https://www.aa.com. Enter confirmation number/first name/last name. Under the “Passenger Summary” tab, click “Add/Edit Passenger Information.” Verify name and KTN in the “Known Traveler ID” field. (Passengers will not be able to edit this information online after check-in.)
  • Delta Air Lines: Visit https://www.delta.com. Enter confirmation number/first name/last name. Under the “Secure Flight Passenger Data & Contact Information” tab, verify gender/date of birth/KTN. (Passengers will not be able to edit this information online within 72-hours of departure.)
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Visit https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/. Enter confirmation number/last name. Under the “Additional Passenger Information” tab, click “Make Changes.” Verify name/date of birth, and click “Add Known Traveler #,” enter KTN.
  • JetBlue Airways: Visit https://www.jetblue.com. Enter confirmation number/last name, click “Itinerary options,” click “Add/Edit TSA Precheck,” enter KTN.
  • Southwest Airlines: Contact Southwest Airlines.
  • Sun Country Airlines: Contact Sun Country Airlines. You may add your KTN during the check-in process if not provided previously.
  • United Airlines: Visit https://www.united.com. Enter confirmation number/last name, click “Edit traveler information,” enter KTN in “Known Traveler Number/Pass ID” field.
  • US Airways: Contact US Airways. You may add your KTN during the check-in process if not provided previously.
  • Virgin America: Enter confirmation number/last name. Click “Add Known Traveler #,” select traveler and add KTN.

What happens if I didn’t receive TSA Pre✓® on my boarding pass? What are my options?

If you didn’t receive it, most likely it was due to one of the issues outlined above. Additionally, if you have flights with multiple participating carriers, you should ensure your KTN is listed with each individual carrier, as they submit this data to TSA for TSA Pre✓® verification starting 72-hours prior to departure.

If you check-in online before your flight and don’t see a TSA Pre✓® indicator on your boarding pass, contact your air carrier, or use one of the methods above. This will update your Secure Flight information right away. If everything matches, you will be able to re-print your boarding pass again, hopefully with TSA Pre✓® this time!

Other tips to ensure you receive TSA Pre✓®

Check out these tips/previous blog posts regarding KTN use:

As always, TSA continues to incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual will be guaranteed expedited screening.

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