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Friday, December 11, 2015
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Many people this holiday season will travel with their smartphones, laptops, and tablets in hand. These devices offer a range of conveniences to help order gifts, provide directions, and connect with family across the country and world; however, with convenience often comes potential threats and vulnerabilities.. Travel smart with your mobile devices by following these cybersecurity tips from DHS’s national cybersecurity awareness campaign, Stop.Think.Connect.™ :

Secure your devices. To prevent theft and unauthorized access while traveling or on vacation, never leave your mobile device unattended in a public place and lock your device – with a strong passcode or password – when it is not in use.

Connect with caution. Although convenient during this busy holiday season, most public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Do not conduct sensitive activities – like online shopping or banking – on public Wi-Fi while you’re out and about. Disable automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on your devices.

Think before you click. Do not click on suspicious links or email attachments unless you know the source. Cyber criminals use holiday shopping and travel scams to gain access to people’s information or computer systems.

Consider what you post. Wait to post pictures from trips and events so that people do not know where to find you. Posting where you are also reminds others that your house is empty, making it a prime target for break-ins this time of year.

Learn more about mobile security with Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign’s Cybersecurity While Traveling tip card.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. Learn how you can do your part by visiting


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