Training for new-hires now at central TSA Academy

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
A photo of a new employee was training at FLETC

Since January, TSA new-hire training now is conducted at the new TSA Academy located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, known as FLETC, in Glynco, Georgia – a move that centralizes training for new employees, which previously was held locally at U.S. airports.

While at FLETC, TSA student officers train at replica checkpoints involving real-world scenarios such as social engineering tactics, screening individuals with disabilities, and how to effectively implement alarms resolve procedures. Students also attend a live explosives demonstration at an improvised explosives device range with explosives experts, so they can best understand the impact that an IED can have when detonated in a controlled environment. The training culminates with a capstone exercise where the students run checkpoint operations while academy instructors provide guidance and oversight.

Each week, eight classes are taught equaling 192 students. Nearly 5,000 new-hire employees will receive this training by the end of September. Students must receive a passing grade on an image interpretation and a job-knowledge test in order to graduate. Those who graduate return to their airports to begin another phase of on-the-job-training.

The transition to the TSA Academy is integral to the Administrator’s intent to invest in people and further professionalize the workforce; develop an esprit de corps and sense of belonging to a larger organization; and provide a common level of training for every newly hired TSA officer while achieving stronger consistency across airports.

Read more about the TSA Academy in this recent article from NPR.

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