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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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This is the first in a new series of #TSAontheJob guest blogs where you’ll hear from different members of our workforce about the work they do and why it’s important. We hope you enjoy our first installment from DCA Supervisory Transportation Security Officer, Jonathan Williams.

Jonathan Williams is touching sreen monitorI’ve been working as a transportation security officer at Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Arlington, Va. since 2010. While screening thousands of passengers and bags daily can be challenging, I know it’s critical to our counterterrorism mission and national security.

I meet travelers from all over the world and know that screening isn’t something people look forward to during their travels. I get it. I understand it can be stressful at the security checkpoint and people don’t like the hassle of being screened. But I’m not going to allow any threat to be brought onboard an airplane and I’m going to stay vigilant. That’s the bottom-line for our frontline workforce. I am going to resolve every alarm and ensure no prohibited items are brought on planes. I won’t rush the process at the risk of the safety of passengers.

I really enjoy meeting people and their families and helping them through the screening process and more importantly, ensuring they have a safe trip. I’m proud of the work we do.

Jonathan Williams
Supervisory Transportation Security Officer
Reagan National Airport


Submitted by Summer on

This is an awesome way to honor our FRONTLINE! The TSOs work so hard to secure the nation and have a thankless job. I for one am so proud of the Officers and the great job they do day in and day out!!! This is great!! Thanks...

Submitted by Donald H on

I will not fly until I no longer need to remove articles of clothing in order to board an aircraft. Only When TSA technology finally reaches that point will I ever reconsider flying again. I should not be required to invest in special shoes or beltless pants in order to fly. Trying to re-insert a belt or re-tie shoe laces is part of the TSA delay problem. And that special fee for special processing is just a bribe to avoid the inspections. Why should I need to bribe inspectors for the "privilege" of flying? Make the changes or count me out! I will use other means of transportation.

Submitted by Tom Poster on

TSA Is a fantastic organization. TSA employees deserve respect.Thank you for your efforts and dedication.

Submitted by Stephanie Naar on

Great Job Jonathan, as I've always said "you're a natural" - thanks for your commitment to mission.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Thank you for your diligence in keeping all travelers safe!

Submitted by Mike In Mass on

Bob - great post. How about posting this on the internal site as a "What I do Matters" segment?

Submitted by Anonymous on

TSA has caused hours-long backups at airports all over the country thanks to its hysterics, stupidity, and screening policies, and you're wasting time profiling your blueshirts?

Submitted by Bateswriter on

My husband and I are always grateful for the TSA screeners' attention to detail. When TSA first initiated the enhanced screening procedures after 9/11 we traveled to Europe and were shocked at the casual, seemingly negligent, behavior of airport security employees in foreign airports. I have a knee replacement device and am always screened separately by a female TSA screener. There has never been an incident when I was not treated with dignity and courtesy. Thanks for being there. You make our lives safer.

Submitted by Laura Monteros on

Nice post. It helps to see TSA officers as individuals, because I sm sure they are sometimes frustrated at the inefficiency of the organization overall.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I'm confused. The images show a STSO yet the signature lines just say Transportation Security Officer. Intentionally misleading are just confused about the title?

And what can you tell us about the new enhanced "Groin Search" Jonathan?

Submitted by Barbara Bouquin on

In the picture it looks like he has a coffee cup on his shoulder, is this standard issue? Just teasing. Pierre

Submitted by SAM on


Submitted by Fix The TSA on

Time to write up a very short "blog post" by a screener, Bob, but no time to approve any comments?

When does West, Lynn, or "HQ Elements" get back?

Submitted by Fix The TSA on

Hey screeners, note that comments directed towards the blog team, TSA policies, procedures, management, administration, etc. may not directed at you, if you are as ethical, professional, and customer service-oriented as the TSA allows you to be. We know you are pawns in Neffenger's stupid money grab before Congress, and a couple of "puppy posts" featuring "nice" screeners doesn't change that.

People puppy posts also won't change the feelings of the American public towards the constant waste and failures of the TSA.

So, there will be snarky comments towards screeners in general, but if you are not evil, don't take it personally.

Submitted by Susan Richart on

Getting desperate to try to improve your image, TSA?

This comes at a time when a significant number of tweets @AskTSA praising TSA are appearing - one even showed up from someone who claimed to be a screener at BOS!

Screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Submitted by Anonymous on

Nope. You are an Agent, not an officer.

Submitted by Michele Marquis on

Great article and nice to see a DCA officer highlighted.

Submitted by Thomas Poster on

TSA all the way! Hard working to keep us all safe. Job Well Done!

Submitted by Tom Poster on

It's not an easy job dealing with grumpy people. Thank you TSA for your service.

Submitted by Wintermute on

I no longer care what they're called. Criminals is what they are for violating the highest law of our land.

Submitted by Fix The TSA on

West, the "meetbros" comment is spam and his name link appears to go to an adult site.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Where's the part where you miss about 95% of the dangerous items? I don't see that mentioned, but evidence indicates that it's an integral part of a TSO's job...

Submitted by Anonymous on
How about posting this on the internal site as a "What I do Matters" segment?

Oh my GOD, my sides hurt now.
Submitted by Anonymous on

Great post! I'm glad to see that we finally get to meet a person wearing the blue uniform. I know for sure that it is a hard job, especially when you have to deal with rude, agitated travelers on a daily basis. I understand that the guys in the uniform don't create the rules, they are just there to make sure they are being followed. Thank you so much for keeping us safe TSA!

Submitted by Mark Ruffins on

To the BLOG team. Congratulations you have finally broken from that tired format of showing how many guns were taken at the airports. The real story is how TSA has protected our nation with the same amount of officers we were allotted 14 years ago. The traveling public may not like to go through the screening process, but they are doing so at historically high numbers. TSA has restored confidence to the American air traveler, who despite reports of foreign terrorism still packs the family on planes to Disney land.
Now you need to feature all those TSA officers who have saved lives. The I-share site has many examples of officers pulling people from burning cars, giving CPR, and various other examples of genuinely heroic behavior.

Submitted by Wintermute on

As soon as they feature all the criminals that are in jail for various crimes, they can pat themselves on the back for employing a few decent human beings... Can't take credit for one without taking the blame for the other.

Submitted by Charles O'Hara on

I'm trying to find out the security procedure for knee replacement screening? I've followed various links from Alaska Airlines and TSA but can not find anything definitive. What is the screening process when the traveller has a recent knee replacement?

Submitted by Jody Lamb on

It is so disheartening that we as the american people, have forgotten 9-11-01,and the horrible acts of those who hated us as a country, and came on our freedom soil, and affected our liberty to some degree. At that time we did not have a TSA/TSO's that had the responsibility to help try and deter evil people from taking innocent lives, and blowing up airplanes in mid air. I believe the american public should be grateful,and stop finding ways to pick apart the TSA, and be appreciative for those who work diligently to keep our skies safe and their freedom of movement through the airways a good and fear free experience. I believe that the public should say thank you, and stop gripping about the fact that they cannot do what they please,and just follow the instructions given, and thank God every time a plane goes up and comes back down as intended, with no harm to human life.If people time their flights accordingly, and give themselves plenty of time, that would alleviate the flight anxiety that we all experience when we do not plan accordingly. The TSA Officers are just doing their jobs that we as an american are paying taxes on in order to help keep us safe.I would like to see us as Americans have an TSO HONOR DAY, where if we fly show them our appreciation, and STOP blaming them for doing their jobs, needless to say the PLANES are staying in the air. HOOO-RAH!!

Submitted by David on

What are you implying?

Submitted by Anonymous on

Does that mean they are Federal agents then? I mean it doesnt say agency in the name.. Transportation Security ADMINISTRATION.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Does that mean they are Federal agents then? I mean it doesnt say agency in the name.. Transportation Security ADMINISTRATION.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Does that mean they are Federal agents then? I mean it doesnt say agency in the name.. Transportation Security ADMINISTRATION.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Does that mean they are Federal agents then? I mean it doesnt say agency in the name.. Transportation Security ADMINISTRATION.