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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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The federal security directoris responsible for security operations at our nation’s federalized airports. It’s a big job but I have a great team of dedicated leaders and officers at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport who make it a manageable challenge and work hard to ensure the security of travelers every day.

There are days where I sometimes feel like a sheriff in a small town who walks the beat and stops at every store, and says hello to everyone he comes across.

Security screening operations

For me, “walking the beat” means taking a look, for example, at security screening operations and making sure prohibited items such as knives, guns and explosives don’t make it past the checkpoint and onto a plane. Preventing a catastrophic event, damage and loss of life is a job I take very seriously. This is a rewarding part of being a federal security director.

Just as important is making sure our frontline officers get the support that they need so that they do their jobs well. These men and women are hard-working security professionals, tasked with a difficult and critical job. TSA has one of the most important missions in the country – protecting the traveling public and the transportation system of the United States. I take pride in knowing that I take part in this counterterrorism mission every day.

Mike Scott, Guest Blogger
TSA Federal Security Director, Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)


Submitted by Fix The TSA on

The TSA does not have an important mission. The department and most of its employees are a waste of tax dollars.

Submitted by Laura Monteros on

Nice story!

Submitted by Anonymous on

> Nice story

Yes, a story is exactly what it is.

Submitted by Anonymous on

In your capacity as FSD, have you ever seen the naked body scanners TSA uses alarm?

Have you ever seen the resolution of such an alarm involve finding a dangerous object?

If so, how many times have you seen the resolution of such an alarm involve finding a dangerous object, and how many times have you seen the naked body scanners alarm?

Submitted by Susan Richart on

"These men and women are hard-working security professionals, tasked with a difficult and critical job."

They are not "professionals" and their jobs aren't critical. However, I will grant you that for so many screeners, it does seem like it's a difficult job.

screen shot/DHS OIG statement

Submitted by SSSS For Some Reason on

"... These men and women are hard-working security professionals, tasked with a difficult and critical job."

No. They aren't. They don't provide 'security' to anyone anywhere.

Your stupid liquids rule is proof of that.... That bottle of water is too dangerous to go through the security chokepoint so you better just throw it away in this rubbish bin because it's not like its dangerous or anything.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I do so love reading these inspiring articles about the fine brave men and women of all genders who are on the front lines of history protecting our beloved homeland against bad bad people of all sorts. It makes me want to bake them all a Bund cake and take it to the airport for these wonderful wonderful people. We would all be so scared without them.

Submitted by RB on

When an UNNAMED Federal Security Director at an UNNAMED airport covers up illegal acts by TSA employee then why should the public have any faith in the integrity of any other Federal Security Director?

This post complies with all aspects of TSA's Blog Posting Guidelines. No profanity, no names mentioned, or any other objectionable content. Failure to post by a government agency is a Civil Rights violation by federal employees and grounds for dismissal from government service.

Screen Shot/OIG Warning

Submitted by RB on

What FSD stands around and does nothing while a 9 year old boy with a pacemaker is abused?

Answer: PHX FSD!

Submitted by TNM on

Those don't exist. They used to have penetrating xrays but those were deemed harmful to public health and disposed of. Even then they did not show nudity. But complainers like you have opened the door for terrorists to smuggle weapons and explosives inside their bodies. Just wait until the first plane since 9/11 blows will all be TSA's fault.

Submitted by TNM on

It's true that TSA hires kids right out of Highschool. But the screeners are only one part of the process. The mission and the training are top notch. Look around the world (you probably don't know what's going on as you sound quite ignorant) and you will see bombings and terrorist attacks at airports and on airlines. Not here. TSA is why.

Submitted by TNM on

Hey Genius...ever hear of the Underwear bomber? If a stranger gives you a bottle of liquid and tells you it's water, are you going to drink it? Ever think why liquids are not allowed over a certain volume? Put two and two together. You can bring you liquid frozen or you can bring it empty and fill it up at a drinking fountain. Please stop being a baby since you can't bring your wa-wa through a restricted area.

Submitted by TNM on

Advocating murdering those who have kept our planes in the air since 9/11. Brilliant. You must be one of those compassionate all-inclusive california types I've heard so much about.

Submitted by TNM on

Don't provide security? That's a good one. 3,957 loaded handguns in hand baggage last year at US Airports. How would you feel having a felon with a loaded gun sitting next to you at 40,000 feet? As far as the water issue, ever hear of the underwear bomber. But obviously, you don't read.

Submitted by TNM on

When someone at your company violates the law, we should fire everyone and shut your company down. Is that what you're saying? You're company is perfect? Let's get that name, I want to go work for them. NOT.

Submitted by TNM on

Abused? You mean properly screened? You're saying they should profile? All kids with teddy bears should be allowed through with no questions? How long before the bad guys pick up on that. Why don't you start your own airline and see how long it takes me to break your security?

Submitted by George Frederick on

You sir are ignorant.