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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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The federal security directoris responsible for security operations at our nation’s federalized airports. It’s a big job but I have a great team of dedicated leaders and officers at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport who make it a manageable challenge and work hard to ensure the security of travelers every day.

There are days where I sometimes feel like a sheriff in a small town who walks the beat and stops at every store, and says hello to everyone he comes across.

Security screening operations

For me, “walking the beat” means taking a look, for example, at security screening operations and making sure prohibited items such as knives, guns and explosives don’t make it past the checkpoint and onto a plane. Preventing a catastrophic event, damage and loss of life is a job I take very seriously. This is a rewarding part of being a federal security director.

Just as important is making sure our frontline officers get the support that they need so that they do their jobs well. These men and women are hard-working security professionals, tasked with a difficult and critical job. TSA has one of the most important missions in the country – protecting the traveling public and the transportation system of the United States. I take pride in knowing that I take part in this counterterrorism mission every day.

Mike Scott, Guest Blogger
TSA Federal Security Director, Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

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