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Monday, November 28, 2016
TSA VIPR Program

As a member of the TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response team, I work in collaboration with federal, state and local transportation stakeholders to prevent and deter acts of terrorism against U.S. transportation systems. My duties take TSA beyond the airport checkpoint through a strong network of security professionals.

Roy Wright TSA VIPR ProgramI along with other VIPR team members, deploy daily with law enforcement and security partners in all modes of transportation including: commercial aviation, air cargo, general aviation, mass transit, maritime, freight rail, highway infrastructure and pipeline. We also deploy during special events, such as the Super Bowl, NCAA Football Championship, and Presidential Inauguration to enhance security in the transportation domain.

Through vigilance, observance of suspicious behavior and surveillance, we work to protect airports, public conveyance/vessels and other critical infrastructure.

This past Saturday for example, six unattended bags were observed while patrolling Washington Dulles International Airport. All passengers were reunited with their bags, which were cleared by law enforcement K-9 teams. This is one of my many daily duties that help prevent dangerous items or bags from causing harm.

I take pride in being responsible for ensuring that airport employees and passengers feel safe. My overall mission is to ensure the traveling public reaches their destination safely, especially during this holiday travel season.

As a VIPR team member, working holidays and weekends is well worth it to put the traveling public mind at ease.

Roy Wright
Washington Field Office (Chantilly, VA)


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