Inside Look: TSA Layers of Security

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Explosives Detection Canine

You may have read recently how TSA and DHS have been making an aggressive effort to raise the bar on aviation security worldwide. Have you ever wondered what’s being done here in the U.S.?

Well, the last time you travelled through a TSA checkpoint, did you know that checkpoint screening was just one part of the much larger overall aviation security picture?

TSA has 20 integrated components, that we call the Layers of Security, working together to keep you secure . The layers  are both seen and unseen and work like a very complex combination safe designed to keep our adversaries at bay and our transportation systems safe.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about what TSA is doing daily to keep you safe in the skies.

20 Layers of U.S. Aviation Security             

1. Intelligence

2. Customs and Border Protection

3. Joint Terrorism Task Force

4. No-Fly List and Passenger Pre-Screening

5. Crew Vetting

Federal Air Marshal Marksmanship Training


7. Canine

8. Behavior Detection

9. Travel Document Checker

10. Checkpoint/Transportation Security Officers

11. Checked Baggage

12. Transportation Security Inspectors

13. Random Employee Screening

14. Transportation Security Specialists-Explosives

15. Federal Air Marshal Service

16. Federal Flight Deck Officers

17. Trained Flight Crew

18. Law Enforcement Officers

19. Hardened Cockpit Door

20. Passengers

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