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Is it Time to Renew Your TSA Pre✓® Membership?

Thursday, October 04, 2018
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Attention TSA Pre✓® members! Have you been enjoying expedited security screening since 2013? Don’t wait! ACT NOW before your known traveler number (KTN) expires. That’s right, your TSA Pre✓® eligibility expires after five years. So if you want to keep enjoying your member benefits, renew now before your membership lapses. The renewal fee is $85. That’s only $17 a year!  RENEW NOW!

More than 45,000 KTNs will expire between December 2018 and February 2019, with more KTNs expiring every month throughout 2019.

But you don’t have to wait! TSA Pre✓® membership may be renewed up to six months before the expiration date of your KTN, and you will retain your current KTN as long as you renew up to one year after expiration.

For most members, renewal is easy and may be completed online. However, some members will have to renew in person to provide updated data or new fingerprints. You’ll receive an automated on-screen notification when filling out the application online if you need to renew in person. 

What’s that? You don’t have TSA Pre✓® and you’re wondering if it’s for you? Thanks to TSA Pre✓®, in September 2018, 94% of TSA Pre✓® passengers waited less than five minutes in the security line. More than 200 airports and 54 airlines provide TSA Pre✓® to the over 7 million travelers who have enrolled in the program.

In addition to shorter wait times, here are the advantages:

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Submitted by SK on

Are you referring to actual membership? i joined in 2016 and it was required then. so i am assuming from the start. They gave it randomly to people to get them curious about it. Which worked for me

Submitted by NoahG on

When I signed up, they did an extensive background check, including finger prints. I'm sure they cross-checked me against all of their databases and determined I was very low risk to commit an act of terrorism. Hence, a lower level of screening is appropriate. It's not just a matter of paying. It's doubtful any terrorist would pass the screening. Or someone with a criminal history. I don't know, its seems pretty rational to me.

Submitted by Pabs on

You can use your Global Entry Pass ID number for TSA PRE-Check.

Submitted by Jim on

Because they are fingerprinted and go through a background check. Make sense know?

Submitted by Janet Folley on

Do I need to renew TSA if I have Global Entry?

Submitted by Claudia on

Jack....I actually got a good laugh from some of the previous postings. I guess asking them to read and understand the requirements of Prechek is more than can be expected. I agree this is a great privilege for older travelers, business travelers and even families wanting to eliminate the hassle. $85.00 over 5 years is a real bargain.

Submitted by Dee on

Wow theses comments are comical. Pay the $17 a year, get a background check and fingerprints and get through security faster. Or don't...its up to you...but these comments on this page are silly.

Submitted by Crystal Carlson on

Ok, a “club” of people that went through extensive background checks and face to face interviews who had to bring everything but blood to get into...and a fee is for the enhanced you don’t need the enhanced screening st the airport. Also $17 per year is extremely reasonable for many...wealthy elite?! Disagree. Also - last point...this doesn’t keep you from the same random screens as everyone else. Just in case the background checked terrorist got through. Geez people.

Submitted by Crystal Carlson on

Jealous much? I disagree on groping - but why listen to me? I’m just an actual user and have a clue. Random screens are not stopped.

Submitted by Responded To SS... on

Because they do an extensive background check before they let you join the club

Submitted by Jana on

I have had Precheck for a number of years, though I never applied for nor paid for it. I don't know how or why I did. I guess I'll find out this weekend if they have "expired" by precheck!

Submitted by Leon Gary on

You are misinformed. TSA require fingerprints and a background check. My wife and I went through the process and I assure we are neither wealthy nor do we belong to any sort of club.

Submitted by Why on

You're paying for a background check, which if you pass, you're allowed to go through a lower level of screening. So, if it is a club, fine. A club of people who have sacrificed a little $ and privacy in order to enjoy expedited screening.

Submitted by Stacey Harris on

You obviously don’t remember that we ALL had this “level of service” prior to 9/11/2001. And then terrorists flew planes into the twin towers! So the reason for this is to protect us. In order to get this “level of service” you are required to be finger printed and have a thorough FBI level background check done on yourself to help ensure you’re not a threat. Anyone can go through this process, but like all things in life it costs money to pay people to do this job of pre-checks therefore it costs money to enroll in it.

Submitted by Melinda on

It’s been a fee for as long as I remember unless you travel a TON you will usually get it as a courtesy (like my husband) and then it is OFTEN but not guaranteed. Even with going thru this and paying the fee there is a disclaimer that they don’t guarantee you will get precheck.

Submitted by Fred on

Federal background check on TSA Precheck, submit fingerprints, SSN, etc. basically if you are found to be clean cut no criminal history, etc. Then you get the reduced screening as you are seen as more trustworthy already. If you don't want to do that, you're SOL. *shrugs*

Submitted by Jason on

I think you're missing the part where TSA PreCheck does a full background check to see if you qualify for reduced screening. And it's $85 for five years, hardly out of reach for people who travel a lot.

Submitted by Craig Raughton on

These are hilarious. Crazy fun to read comments from people who don't understand the level of screening that goes into the program, don't understand the reason for the program, don't fly often, OR are just angry in general and looking for a forum to complain. I especially enjoy the references to this $17-a-year program being labeled for "the elite". Thanks for the morning laugh.

Submitted by Ryan on


Submitted by Richard on

Blame the terrorists.

Submitted by All Wrong on

You make it sound like Pre-Check is equivalent to slipping a $5 bill to the TSA agent each time you walk through security so they look the other way and let you through with anything you’re carrying.

The whole point is that you are willfully subjecting yourself to a background check once every 5 years (which costs money) for the convenience of shorter lines and less hassle each time you fly. Sure, someone could get Pre-Check and then BECOME a terrorist later on, but (1) it’s only available to citizens and permanent residents, (2) despite your implications, you still get screened every time you fly, and (3) how exactly would you presume to prevent that anyway?

You don’t like the idea? Great! Save your $85 (you’ll be one less person ahead of me in the fast lane)— but don’t go around spreading misinformation just because you are too lazy to read the details before banging on your keyboard in frustration.

Submitted by DB on

It’s advance screening to join pre check. They take your finger prints and do a background check on you. That’s way more than the standard airport screening

Submitted by Laurence on

It is the costs of doing extensive background checks and fingerprinting. Forget the convenience. Everyone should need to do this to travel.

Submitted by Logic on

Gaining membership in the "club" requires a thorough screening and background check that far exceeds the normal security check at the airport. It's not just about paying a fee. Do a little research before you start whining.

Submitted by Curt on

Don’t whine. Nothing in life is free. More human beings are alive today than all that have died in the history of man ... you make your own luck.

Submitted by Corey on

applying for a TSA Precheck status is not like joining a club. you are fingerprinted, photographed, a thorough background check is performed by government agents. you are not automatically granted tsa status. continued verification of your identification is performed before you even get your authorization. people are not paying for the right to travel, but to avoid long lines as in the case of handicapped travelers or those who travel frequently for business. as a handicapped traveler I find your remarks crude and you assume incorrectly that the government is trying to deprive you of something. TSA precheck is an option for people like myself, not a demand, and has nothing to do with government requirements.

Submitted by Corey on

applying for a TSA Precheck status is not like joining a club. you are fingerprinted, photographed, a thorough background check is performed by government agents. you are not automatically granted tsa status. continued verification of your identification is performed before you even get your authorization. people are not paying for the right to travel, but to avoid long lines as in the case of handicapped travelers or those who travel frequently for business. as a handicapped traveler I find your remarks crude and you assume incorrectly that the government is trying to deprive you of something. TSA precheck is an option for people like myself, not a demand, and has nothing to do with government requirements.

Submitted by Joe on

in order to obtain my precheck status, I had to submit to a background check, financial check, criminal check, get fingerprinted, all that fun stuff. As I travel a great deal for work, it was worth me not wasting time in the security line so I paid to get checked out beforehand so I didn't have to strip every time I go through the airport.

Submitted by Jw on

Have your airline put your KTN on your ticket when you purchase it. If you have a frequent flayed account with the airline, you can list your KTN with your profile and it automatically appears on your ticket. As TSA doesn’t pre-screen who bought airline tickets, they have no way to label your ticket. Do it with your airline.

Submitted by Bryce on

Maybe there is some misunderstanding. You're not paying just to be a member of an exclusive club with benefits. You are paying a minimal amount ($85 for 5 years which is just over a $1 a month) to have a background check run on yourself so that the entire travel industry knows that you are not a safety risk. You are more of a trusted traveler because of the background check therefore you don't need to be screened as closely at the airport security check point.

Submitted by Tony on

No you do not. Your pass id number in the back of the global entry card should work as your known travelers number

Submitted by Zelda on

You have to submit to going through a thorough background check and fingerprinting to qualify. I’m pretty sure a terrorist would fail... or better yet? Not want to go through the checks and balances required.

Submitted by Lin on

Since you have to prove citizenship and supply fingerprints for a background check, I wouldn’t categorize TSA pre✔️ As a CLUB.

Submitted by MM on

How Long does Pre check Renewal take - when should I expect a response? Will I receive a new Number with renewal

Submitted by Chip on

It's not just for the wealthy, elite or lucky. You just have to be diligent, make an appointment and not have a criminal record.

Submitted by Linda Toney on


Submitted by All I Can Say Is Wow on

First off, the background check you are paying for is what is keeping terrorists out of what you call a club. The result of that background check is why the TSA feels reduced screening for those people are safe. The reduced level of screening isnt good enough for everyone, because extensive background checks arent done on everyone that buys a ticket.
As far as your constitutional right, you do not have the constitutional right to air travel. It is a privilege. That privilege can be taken away from you. The same as driving a car. Aside from that, no one is stopping you from flying. If you dont like the enhanced screening then pay the whopping 17 dollars a year for precheck. Must be a pretty exclusive club at those prices.

Submitted by Billy Stanton on

It has nothing to do with being wealthy, elite, or lucky. Those who participate in the program pay $85 for five years - by no definition in American society does spending $17 a year on something make one wealthy or elite. If you can't afford the $85, you probably can't really afford to fly as a means of transportation. Take a bus, take a train, or drive your car if the fee is too much for you to bear.
And the reason the standard is reduced for participants is that they have been put through a significant background check which (at least in theory) greatly reduces the risk that they are terrorists.

Submitted by Memphis Mike on

Are you enrolled? Best money I ever spent and only on the web site because it's time to renew. If "terrorist" want to submit to an interview and provide finger prints and fill out a questionnaire then; you might have a point. But I would suspect it would be easier to get a job as an airport employee than enrolling in the TSA service. It's not a club, it's a worthwhile service. There are in airport line expedite services that scare me more. TSA is just doing their job. While I would really like to see consistency across airports (flying out of Reagan or BWI - I'm fine. Flying out of Atlantic City or other smaller airports and my toothpaste gets confiscated ... ??) I appreciate a more secured feeling that my plane if going to land where it's scheduled.

Submitted by Rrr on

Free travel is a right. Feel free to drive or walk.

Submitted by Read Something on

There is an extensive background check and finger printing involved in this. In my experience, it was more extensive than application for a handgun carry permit but less than the requirements for TWIC (sorry, you may have to go and read about this too).

Submitted by Mary C Goodman on

Do you need to renew every five years

Submitted by Mark on

You must not understand the program or you wouldn’t make such ignorant comments. When you apply you are put through a background check and vetting process. Just because you apply doesn’t guarantee you will be accepted into the program. The fee covers the cost of this added security measure, not some pay to play scenario you made up in your head. Nothing is foolproof because they may even let in a fool like you. My answer to you is don’t apply. It just makes my line shorter.

Submitted by KW on

You do understand that anyone who applies for precheck undergoes a background check and is fingerprinted as part of the process, right? It's not just pay a fee and you're in.

Submitted by Dave on

You could not be any more wrong jackass. When you join TSA Pre you go through an expanded screening process to ensure you are not a bad person looking to do bad things. No one is forcing you to join and as a matter of fact we’d prefer you didn’t as it keeps our lines shorter.

Submitted by Kathleen on

When I applied the first time, there was no fee, but I don't remember getting a number. How do I find out what my number is and when it expires?

Submitted by Educated Responder on

You pay for prechecl because if the extended background checks they do to give you this clearance. You’re also constantly monitored and no not just anyone can get it. Do your homework/research before assuming.

Submitted by John on

In order to qualify for TSA pre-check - you are required to undergo a detailed background check. It is not just about joining a "club" and writing a check. The more detailed scrutiny allows for folks who qualify up front to avoid the more stringent screening at airports. I doubt terrorists would pass the scrutiny...

Submitted by Jelli on

Read it. You go through a thorough background check to make sure you are NOT a terrorist. The payment is for their time, not for a privilege. It is NOT a CLUB! It is serious business. I travel frequently and find that having this number cuts down on the level of frustration getting through security. They already know I'm not a terrorist. My bags are x-rayed just like usual and I do have to go through the metal detector. I also get the occasional pat down. Why are you being so negative? Just do it or don't.

Submitted by Stop Whining on

It's your choice to apply or not; no one is making you. Unlike taxes, you're not required to pay for TSA Precheck. It's a choice only you can make. Pay the required fee for expedited security or stand in line and wait. No different than paying for a gym membership: would you want someone taking up your space in the gym if they didn't pay? Do you not pay for your driver's license? What about when you pay to renew your license plates? 'Free travel' shouldn't require us to pay for either of these 'free' constitutional rights, right?