Blog Posts for 12 2018

  • Firearms discovered by TSA

    TSA Week in Review: December 10 - 16

    TSA screened 14.6 million passengers and discovered 78 firearms in carry-on bags at airports from Dec. 10 through 16.

  • Holiday items

    AskTSA: Your Holiday Travel Questions Answered

    Stepping onto the plane, you’re greeted by smiling flight attendants wearing Santa hats. You slide into your seat, excitedly snap your seatbelt and exhale deeply, thankful that you made it through the security checkpoint with ease.

  • Firearms discovered by TSA from December 1 to 9

    TSA Week in Review: December 1 - 9

    TSA screened 17.7 million passengers and discovered 93 firearms in carry-on bags at 65 airports from Dec. 1 through 9.

  • Firearms

    TSA Week in Review: November 19 - 30

    TSA screened 26.8 million passengers and discovered 122 firearms in carry-on bags at 68 airports from Nov. 19 through 30.

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