TSA Week in Review: July 8 - 14

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Firearm Cover

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… Nope, it’s just another TSA Week in Review! This week San Diego is hosting Comic-Con, an annual gathering of extraordinary comic book fans. If you’re planning to tie on the cape and try to fly there, you may not get too far. But if you did buy a plane ticket, here are some travel tips to help you go up, up and away!

If you want to maximize your time in character, you can wear your costume through the security checkpoint, but our officers will need you to unmask yourself when showing your ID. You may want to check with your airline for their dress code policies. If you are planning going full cosplay make sure you pack any of your weaponry including replica or toy swords, guns or blades in your checked bags. You won’t need them on the plane because you have real-life super heroes that will protect you!

Between July 8 and 14, TSA screened 18 million passengers and found 111 firearms in carry-on bags. Of the 111 firearms discovered, 95 were loaded and 32 had a round chambered.

Don’t pack your firearm in your carry-on bag. Bringing a firearm to the security checkpoint may lead to a civil penalty of up to $13,333 or an arrest. And if you’re a TSA Pre✓® member, you could lose your status. Check out our transporting firearms and ammunition page to learn how to pack it properly.

See all firearm discoveries from July 8 to 14 in this chart.


Yo-Yo, slingshots aren’t allowed in carry-on bags. So snap-back and put it in your checked bag. Raleigh Durham International Airport TSA officers discovered this slingshot packed in a carry-on bag on July 14. The passenger wasn’t Bart Simpson.

stun gun

If this post creates enough buzz, then maybe passengers will stop packing their stun guns in carry-on bags. One can only hope. Until then, in case it’s not obvious, electrical or shocking weapons aren’t allowed in carry-on bags. Please pack these items in your checked bag. This stun gun flashlight was discovered in a carry-on bag at Kansas City International Airport on July 9.

Our mission at TSA is to do everything in our power to make sure you get to your destination safely by keeping dangerous items off planes. The most common explanation we hear from travelers for prohibited items is “I forgot it was in my bag.” Don’t be that person. Save yourself some money and embarrassment and thoroughly check your bags for prohibited items before heading to the airport.

So come prepared! For a list of prohibited items, be sure to use the What Can I Bring? tool. If you have questions about the security process, reach out to AskTSA on Twitter or Facebook. Our AskTSA team will happily answer even the most outlandish travel-related questions.

Want to know how many firearms we found last year? Check out our 2018 blog post.

Also, don’t forget to check out our top 10 most unusual finds video for 2018.

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