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  • July 24, 2009 | 3 (# of comments)
    I joined Max Flight, Dan and Rob from Airplane Geeks for a podcast interview about the TSA Blog.Also, spread around the podcast like mustard on a fine bologna sandwich , you’ll find another interview, good music, and some aviation related news.By...
  • July 14, 2009 | 123 (# of comments)
    BAO is an acronym that has been appearing more and more in TSA related news stories and blog posts. So what does BAO stand for?a) Branch Artery Occlusionb) Best Atomic Orbitalc) Best Available Optiond) Bomb Appraisal OfficerWhile “c” is the best...
  • February 04, 2008 | 209 (# of comments)
    Last week, there was a post on the ars technica blog by Jon Stokes, Senior Editor and Co-Founder, posing some questions on TSA’s liquids rules similar to other questions we’ve gotten on the blog so far. Kip Hawley wrote the following response,...
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