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Traveling with Firearms and Ammunition

  • August 04, 2010 | 63 (# of comments)
    From time to time, things show up at airports that cause us to scratch our heads, especially almost nine years after 9/11.On average, our officers find about two guns a day at checkpoints. Yesterday must not have been an average day, because 10 guns...
  • May 18, 2010 | 66 (# of comments)
    The recent JFK to Egypt incident where a passenger transported firearms and ammunition in their checked baggage has many wondering if TSA missed these items. Firearms, knives, and ammunition are allowed in checked baggage - they’re not on the...
  • December 16, 2008 | 175 (# of comments)
    So, what exactly is artful concealment? Prior to working for TSA, I had never heard the term before. I used the term in a blog post a couple of months ago and based on the responses I got, many of our readers didn't seem to be too familiar with the...


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