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Capability Acceptance Process

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Acquisition Program Management (APM) developed the Capability Acceptance Process (CAP) to facilitate receiving Capability such as Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) and other technologies from industry stakeholders and partners. The CAP represents an objective and repeatable process to evaluate, accept, and implement requests to offer capabilities that outline the intent of stakeholders and partners to procure, and ultimately transfer or convey the Capability or TSE to TSA.

This process is an option for airport stakeholders who may benefit from accelerating acquisition timelines, recapitalizing TSE, or enhancing security and the passenger experience. The CAP is neither a solicitation vehicle nor a circumvention of DHS and TSA acquisition or procurement processes.

Any entities considering donating or transferring capabilities and/or TSE to TSA can reference the links below for a more detailed explanation of the process and expectations. The Acceptable Capability List (ACL) outlines all Capability that meet the requirements to be transferred to TSA based on the approval of applicable phases of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acquisition Lifecycle Framework. The ACL is a living document that will be updated as acceptable capabilities change.

CAP Documents:

For questions and additional information, please contact the CAP team.