Stakeholder Resources and Training Products

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Section I. Requestor Information

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Section II. Requested Stakeholder Resources and Training Products

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Completion of these training programs does not constitute certification or individual endorsement of the viewer by the TSA.

Section III. Justification

TSA's determination to issue material will be based upon modal association of the requestor, as well as the "need to know" specific model information. Requests require a detailed justification providing modal association and the need to know. In the space below, provide an explanation for the requested materials.

Section IV. Electronic Media Usage Agreement

By submission of this request, I agree to adhere to the following usage requirements.

The Transportation Security Administration, Surface Division provides training materials for the purpose of assisting transportation partners in their effort to increase security awareness of employees. As such, the materials and their contents may be duplicated, copied or uploaded onto each requesting company's internal computer systems in their entirety or in part as deemed appropriate by each individual company and its subsidiary companies, if applicable. However, the training materials are strictly intended for official use by the requesting company or its subsidiary companies and distribution to outside companies or entities other than to direct subsidiary companies is prohibited without the expressed approval of TSA.