How TSA is Responding to Hurricane Florence

hurricaneUpdated September 19, 2018 at 3 p.m. EDT

With more than a dozen airports in the path of Hurricane Florence, as well as other TSA training and administrative offices impacted, we are working around the clock to monitor and support TSA personnel and their families, and to ensure that security operations are up and running as soon as airports and airlines are ready to resume activity.


water bottlesTSA deployed dozens of volunteer screeners and staff from around the country to work at Hurricane Florence impacted airports. They are filling in for local TSA employees who were evacuated or whose homes were damaged.

Through FEMA, TSA provided law enforcement teams from Washington D.C., Boston, and Chicago to support public safety efforts.

TSA’s Critical Incident Management Group has been working non-stop since before the storm to stage critical resources for deployment to airports as needed, including transportation security equipment, communications equipment, MREs, generators, water, batteries, flashlights, tarps, first aid kits, sleeping supplies, and other emergency items.

We are coordinating continuously with local, state, and other federal agencies as well as industry stakeholders for mass transit systems, freight and passenger rail, highways, pipelines, and ports.


TSA is monitoring operational status in impacted areas, including at the airports below. Please check with your airport and your airline for individual flight status.

North Carolina:

South Carolina: