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Ha Nguyen McNeill
Ha Nguyen McNeill

Ha Nguyen McNeill was named Chief of Staff for the Transportation Security Administration in June 2017. In this role, she advises the Administrator on issues of public sensitivity, security policy and management activities, enabling TSA to become a high performing national security organization.

McNeill has over eight years of U.S. federal government experience, focusing on issues including homeland security, trade security, intellectual property enforcement, international relations and transportation security.

Prior to TSA, McNeill held the position of Chief of Staff and Vice President of Operations at BSA | The Software Alliance, serving as a key partner and representative for internal and external affairs for the President and CEO and ensuring alignment of BSA priorities and operations. Working with the President and CEO and the BSA senior leadership team, McNeill contributed to the development of plans for the long-term health of BSA and positioned the organization for breakthrough efforts. She led priority initiatives including helping establish a foundation to advance awareness of software’s impact on society and the importance of STEM education.

McNeill served two tours at the White House, first with the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator’s Office and subsequently with the National Security Council as the Director of Aviation Security. In this role, McNeill was responsible for key strategic and policy initiatives, including interagency efforts to safely introduce unmanned aerial systems to the commercial airspace. Previously, she held the position of Chief of Staff and Executive Advisor in the Office of Global Strategies at TSA where she spearheaded procedures and process improvements for the office, and advised on key international aviation security initiatives.

McNeill is a native of Montreal, Canada. She holds a master’s in public policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and bachelor's degrees in international studies and music from the University of California, Irvine.