Domestic Aviation Operations

Susan Tashiro

Susan Tashiro - Acting Assistant Administrator for Domestic Aviation Operations

Susan Tashiro is currently the Assistant Administrator for Domestic Aviation Operations and is responsible for providing executive oversight of approximately 440 Federalized airports, 74 field executives, and over 46,000 Transportation Security Officers.

Tashiro has been with TSA since August 2002. She served as Security Operations Regional Director for Regions 2 and 7, covering airports from the Mid-Atlantic down to San Juan. She served as the Federal Security Director for Washington Dulles International Airport and the Deputy Federal Security Director for Washington Reagan National Airport, where she was responsible for handling day-to-day security operations, which included both passenger and baggage screening at the airport. 

Tashiro also served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Capabilities, providing executive oversight and ensuring compliance with the agency’s strategic and operational goals, including testing, procuring and deploying security capabilities, oversight of day-to-day operations for a FY $800M technology budget and over $2.5 B in fielded equipment. Prior to that, she worked in different positions within TSA, including serving as the General Manager for Plans and Programs within Security Operations, and the Director of two Business Management Offices.  

Prior to joining TSA, Tashiro worked at a court and law enforcement consulting firm, and at the U.S. Department of Justice. While at DOJ, she was part of a team which released and supported $6.1 billion in funding for crime prevention programs.

Tashiro received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Colorado State University and University of Colorado, respectively.