Human Capital

Patricia Bradshaw

Patricia Bradshaw

Patricia Bradshaw was named the Assistant Administrator for Human Capital in October 2019. She is responsible for programs that empower TSA to hire, retain and optimally deploy a qualified workforce to support the agency’s counterterrorism mission and provide risk-based security for the nation’s transportation systems.

Prior to joining TSA, Bradshaw served as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy with responsibility for personnel matters affecting over 650,000 civilian employees and several hundred thousand non-U.S. citizens who work for the Department of Defense (DoD) in countries around the world. She developed new legislation, policy, programs and processes that advanced the changing nature and role of the DoD civilian employee. She provided leadership and oversight for the implementation of the first DoD corporate-wide approach to lifecycle management of the 1,590 Senior Executive employees of the DoD.

Working with the State Department, Bradshaw collaborated on a number of initiatives and was responsible for development of new initiatives with accompanying legislative changes, policies and programs to address special recruitment, retention, pay, performance management, and quality of work life problems in mission critical occupations to include engineers, medical, IT and acquisition personnel, as well as across the general population of the workforce. Over the course of her career, Bradshaw was a major advocate in the design and implementation of personnel demonstration programs within DoD allowing HR practices outside of the Title 5 U.S.C. framework.

Bradshaw comes with experience at several private sector companies, where she served as the Vice President of Human Capital at a major IT consulting firm, as well as a senior consultant on the full range of strategic and tactical human resources issues to government clients.

Bradshaw holds a Masters of International Management and a Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, German from the University of Maryland.