Man’s Intent to Conceal Illegal Drugs Revealed by Behavior Detection Officer

Monday, August 11, 2008

A passenger flying out of Baltimore on Aug. 1 found out the hard way that if you hide something that won’t set off the metal detectors – even in a place as secure as your wallet – it will get caught if it is not supposed to be there.

A behavior detection officer who saw the passenger exhibiting suspicious behavior referred him for additional screening. During a thorough search of the passenger and his belongings, a small baggie with a suspicious looking brown substance was found tucked away in the man’s wallet.

Local law enforcement called to the checkpoint confiscated the bagged substance and took the passenger into custody.

The passenger – along with the brown stuff – was taken back to the police station where the substance was tested. It came back positive for heroin, and the passenger was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

“The BDOs’ contribution to the overall security environment is invaluable,” said Assistant FSD Thomas Farrell.