TSA’s Overseas Security Network Protects International Passengers and Cargo

In July, TSA made its first-ever placement of an overseas Transportation Security Administration Representative to Amman, Jordan, to further strengthen our security coordination with foreign governments, organizations and other U.S. offices in the region.

Transportation Security Administration Representatives work with foreign governments on meeting security requirements, sharing best-practices and lessons-learned information, and responding to incidents affecting passengers and cargo entering or returning to the United States. There are now 19 Transportation Security Administration Representatives around the globe, including in Spain, India and China.

"Our newest placements – in Amman, Jordan, for instance – are in recognition of the importance we place on these critical security relationships," said TSA's Assistant Administrator for Global Strategies Cindy Farkus. "We're strengthening our capability to get ahead of security issues by working closely with TSA's overseas partners. Our Representatives have the skills to ensure success in an environment of subtle diplomacy and threat-based urgency."

Other groups in TSA's international security network include International Industry Representatives (IIRs) and a cadre of regulatory inspectors. The IIRs provide critical government-to-industry contact between TSA and foreign air carriers. Through their close working relationships, they do much of the same work with the air carriers and their associations that the Transportation Security Administration Representatives do with foreign governments. In addition, IIRs help emerging air carriers increase their security capacity and meet international and U.S. security standards.

TSA's other overseas personnel include the Office of Global Strategies international transportation security inspectors. They are regulatory inspectors who conduct security assessments of foreign airports and airlines with service to the U.S. and have been involved in a variety of bilateral engagement activities with governments and agencies worldwide.

TSA's Federal Air Marshal Service plays a large role in international operations with air marshal missions flying wherever U.S. carriers fly around the world. TSA also works with other nations' air marshal programs.